Neil Krug’s Pulp Non-Fiction

Devotees of the analog appreciate photographer Neil Krug because he gets his effects straight from the source: film, not a phone’s camera. His eye for warm, sun-drenched, psychedelic landscapes and portraiture have landed him work with bands like Justice, Devendra Banhart, My Chemical Romance, Ladytron, The Horrors, Scissor Sisters, Tame Impala, Gonjasufi, and he’s also released a passion project with his wife, model Joni Harbeck. Together they’ve compiled two volumes of gorgeous photography featuring fantasy scenarios, most of which involve her running free in the desert, say, or decadently decorated and lying on the floor. These books are exactly how you’d hope your sweetheart would see you—gorgeous, fierce, multi-faceted—as well as the way you’d want to see the world.

(Neil Krug)