Honey I’m Home


Welcome to Honey’s world, where playing with your food is highly encouraged, emphemerality is priceless, and anything can be a canvas. We went ape over Honey’s awesome tattooed fruit  when we first saw it in Dossier Journal, and discovered that bananas were just the tip of the icebox when it comes to her food/art intersection. One of the coolest things about her work is that none of it is made to last, but Honey doesn’t seem to care. ” I am one of those people who are totally and utterly enamored with process,” she says. “The end product is just a bonus.”


Honey used a safety pin to tattoo our model, Saria, on the fruit. “We always have bananas lying around the house, they are a great handy snack. One day, I thought maybe I could draw on them using a safety pin,” she says, as to how she got started. “So then, I made a lot of small  punctures in specific patterns in the banana’s skin causing those tiny holes I made to brown prematurely. It’s tedious work but often quite fun.”


“Life is Fragile, Handle it with Care”


“Painting with Ice Cream”


“Give Peas a Chance”

“[Playing with food is] a convenience. It is almost always readily available and inexpensive. As an artist I find it an interesting change from my markers and oil paints. It has become a way for me to get creative in a different avenue. Use what you have to run toward your best. “


“Phases of the Moon”



“Almost all of my work was created because of my randomness for thoughts and ideas. I like to just kind of go freely. There’s not a lot of planning in advance. Most of the time it’s whoever or whatever inspires me at the moment.”


“Playing with Matches”


“My goal is to live to my fullest, most creative and most joyful potential. To be a successful career woman inspiring and elevating as many people as possible through art. Also, to travel the world and get to a place in life where I feel at peace with what I have done in this world.”


Honey using a less perishable medium.

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