Illustrator Seitaro Ito


Ever since we visited Japan, we’ve been obsessed with all things Tokyo. Thanks to some friends we met along the way (and serious internet stalking), we discovered illustrator Seitaro Ito—who created the iconic ’60s bombshell character Foxy—and knew we had to find out more about him. As it turns out, he’s BFFs with our go-to kawaii artist Esther Kim! The two met through mutual friends, and Seitaro said, “I was so happy when she said she liked my drawings because I also adore and respect her.” So, we thought we’d do the cutest thing possible: let them interview each other. Check out Esther’s Q&A with Seitaro below—and peep his killer Nasty Gal illustrations along the way.

How long have you been drawing? What do you love about it?

Since I was little. I’d draw cartoon characters a lot. I love drawing. Once I come up with an idea, I just can’t wait to grab a pen. It’s also the most relaxing time for me. I never thought this could be my career until a few years ago. I just kept drawing until, luckily, it became my only job.

How did you get started?

In my teens, I started drawing my original girls but more graphically. My style of drawing became cute, comical, and Foxy about 4 years ago.

Tell us a bit more about Foxy. Who is she, and what makes her different?

Foxy is a girl just like every girl. She likes shopping, fashion, cosmetics, music, reading, sleeping, having coffee with her friends (Foxy cats and bears are her best friends) and sometimes dreams about boys. I think I draw her picturing my ideal girl—someone who enjoys her life positively. I’m also influenced by one of my favorite characters Candy from the 1968 film of the same name. Her unconscious, oozing allure is what I want for Foxy.


Why did you decide to put Foxy into a camera app?

Putting drawing and pics together is what I do often, and I really like it. The LINE camera, PopCam and Snapeee apps make Foxy real in your pics like what I do for magazines. I’m happy to see people enjoying Foxy as if she’s their friend.

What music are you listening to lately?

Serge Gainsbourg forever! I love his music. Naturally Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Anna Karina are my muses. And I love Cristina! Her cover of The Beatles’ “Drive My Car” perfectly matches my Foxy world!

What color socks are you wearing right now?


Is pink your favorite color?

I think I can say pink is Foxy’s favorite color. Mine too, but lately I wear black more often.

What are designers you into?

I like Saint Laurent, Anntian (from Berlin), G.V.G.V. (from Tokyo). At the moment, I love my new Givenchy rose printed jacket most!

What do you spend most of your money on?

I spend most of money on clothes and books. Right now I’m reading Sleepless Nights by Helmut Newton. So inspiring!

Do you have any cool projects coming up?

I’ll be doing an art show called “Me, My Selfie and I” with my favorite illustrator Esther Kim at Space 15 Twenty in L.A.