#Girlboss Radio Is Live!

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Grab your headphones—#Girlboss Radio is live on iTunes! Every week, Sophia sits down with game-changing #Girlboss-es to talk about trekkin’ through the weird times, turning dreams to reality, and getting your slay on every day. It’s basically life lessons from lady-ninjas who are nunchuck-ing the shit out of life… in platforms. Click here to subscribe, and read on for a rundown of highlights from the show’s first four heavy hitters…

Episode 01: Charlize Theron


First up, Sophia chatted with award-winning actress and humanitarian Charlize Theron, who wasn’t looking for an acting gig so much as a “form of escapism.” Favorite moment? When her mom helped her out with a one-way ticket to Cali, she was NOT stoked. “It says Los Angeles—I want to go to Hollywood!”

Episode 02: Grace Helbig


Next up—Grace Helbig, Youtube sensation, podcaster, NY Times best-selling author, and overall hysterical gal. She dishes all the ins and outs… and back ins of creating your own (insanely successful) Youtube channel, and talks about how to handle Twitter beef like a champ. #vegan

Episode 03: Madeline Poole

Say hello to Madeline Poole! Global Color Ambassador to Sally Hansen and nail art extraordinaire. She talks about her humble beginnings being “breaducated” at Panera, the weirdness of Paris Fashion Week, and why iPhones can be better than fancy cameras for nailing that Insta pic. Favorite moment? We love when she gets real on the blood, sweat, and… toes it takes to rise to the top:

“I literally scrub toes for a living… ultimately I have to put the last coat on, make sure it looks good, and get up close and personal with some toenails.”

Episode 04: Sheree Waterson

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Lady-ninja #4 is our very own Sheree Waterson, Nasty Gal CEO. She talks with Sophia about becoming a powerhouse fashion buyer totally by accident (instead of the kindergarten teacher she’d set out to become), why wrapping hammers in velvet works every time, and how to grow a company at a totally bonkers velocity. (Get your notebooks out, ladies…)

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