#Girlboss Radio: Grace Bonney, Founder of Design*Sponge

TFW you love DIY so much you DIY your life.


Grace Bonney has been called the Martha Stewart of Millennials, but getting compared to one of the biggest all-time #Girlboss-es didn’t come easy. After cobbling together a mediocre college experience that ended in jam bands, hemp jewelry, and a general sense that she didn’t fit in, Bonney started blogging to create a sphere that was 100% her own. As someone who’d always wanted to surround herself with creatives, she poured her energy into covering the DIY design culture in Brooklyn–an art movement that was being snubbed by design magazines–and soon enough, Design*Sponge was born. The blog originally highlighted the creative design aesthetic we now know as “Brooklyn chic,” and since its founding in 2004, has evolved into a full-blown lifestyle website that earned her a seat at the table with Martha herself, not to mention inspired her new book, In the Company of Women. In this episode, Grace chats with Sophia about her humble beginnings awkwardly wooing old golf dudes into buying beer, the process of overcoming snark, and why a shitty professor’s feedback that she, “had no talent and would never be an artist,” was a blessing in disguise. Listen in on their convo here, read more here, or press play below.