#Girlboss Radio: Yuna, Musician

Started from the bottom now she’s fierce.


Malaysia native Yuna has come a long way since singing along to Nescafé commercials as a 6 year old. The law student-turned-pop-star never thought she’d be an international sensation, but after a crafty friend tricked her into performing at a show in her hometown of Kuala Lumpur, her career took off, and she quickly became a household name among Malaysians. Six years ago, Yuna moved to Los Angeles to start her career from scratch, and is now selling out venues around the world and collaborating with icons like Pharrell and Usher–not bad at all. Today on the podcast, she and Sophia talk about her 13 hour wait to get onto the Malaysian version of American Idol, how she approaches sex appeal as a devout Muslim, and why “undersell and over-perform” is the mantra that took her from rags to riches. Listen in on their convo here, read more here, or press play below.