#Girlboss Radio: Jessica Bennett, New York Times Contributing Writer & Author

She (literally) wrote the guidebook on surviving and thriving in the face of sexism.


Sexism in the workplace is sadly nothing new, but when faced with it to an extreme degree at her first real journalism job working for Newsweek Magazine, Jessica Bennett obviously didn’t take it sitting down. She turned problems most of us are familiar with—men making way more money than women in the same position at work, taking credit for their ideas, and patronizing them on the daily—into fuel to form a feminist fight club, where women could meet, talk, and basically support the shit out of each other. Her newly released book of the same name acts as a useful, hilarious, and interactive guide to overcoming systemic sexism like a bonafide badass, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want that? On this week’s episode of #Girlboss Radio, Jessica sat down with Sophia to chat about landing a column at the New York Times without any connections, living the chaotic freelance life, and everything you need to know to negotiate a raise (yep, it’s a must-listen). Tune in here, read more here, or press play below.