#Girlboss Radio: Alli Webb, Founder, Dry Bar

Bad hair days blow. Dry Bar’s changing all that.


Alli Webb understands the confidence that comes with a really good blowout. From asking her mom to blow dry her hair as a little girl to working as a receptionist at a hair salon in high school, she’s had a thing for beauty from the get-go. After a stab at college and a stint in fashion, Alli realized that she wanted to make taming manes her main gig—and she did just that. What started out as an in-home salon side hustle called Straight to Home quickly turned into a hugely successful boutique company specializing in affordable blowouts, with nearly 70 Dry Bar locations across the country. All because she followed her intuition and found a hole in the marketplace. With a newly-released book under her belt about how to do your own hair (and so much more) and an ever-growing miracle product line, she’s the ultimate beauty boss. On this week’s episode of #Girlboss Radio, she chatted with Sophia about the biggest key to Dry Bar’s success, the major benefits of working with family over friends, and the advice she has for women who want to start their own company. Listen in here, read more here, or press play below.