TXTBK: Disco 101

We’re taking a cue from Studio 54 this holiday season and opting for tons of sequins, shine on shine, and our highest platforms. You guessed it—disco has officially arrived. That’s why we put together a list of music, movies, and icons you need in your life. So here is your guide to all things disco, curated by our very own connoisseur of the era, Meredith Hunter. Disco ball not included, but highly encouraged.

The #GIRLBOSS Tour Diaries

We hopped on the #GIRLBUSS to talk about the paperback, all things #GIRLBOSS, and Nasty Gal. From a Q&A with the Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue, Amy Astley, in New York to an in-store hang with one of our favorite Los Angeles-based comedians, Whitney Cummings, we had one seriously awesome road trip. Also, it didn’t hurt that Phases performed at our Santa Monica location (click here for more on their lead singer) and we got to meet some seriously amazing people along the way.

Meet Djuna


“I have a leather jacket Jimi Hendrix used to wear,” says one of our favorite models-turned-stylists, Djuna Bel, who in our opinion is a rockstar in her own right.  Oh, if that didn’t make her sound like the ultimate cool girl, this six-foot tall blonde stunner has serious brains too, “I graduated high school when I was sixteen and ran off to Holland to get my MBA, realized I could bartend, and dropped out of school—I was lucky to get scouted pretty soon after.”

After Hours: Grace McKagan


From her gothic-inspired alter ego to that strawberry hair, Grace McKagan is not playin’ around over here. She’s the lead singer of The Pink Slips, a synth rock band that’s all about high energy shows, serious attitude, and lyrics that’ll make you want to roll down your window and scream at the top of your lungs. We caught up with her in Hollywood to chat about all the good stuff—we’re talking preshow milkshakes to blood-covered outfits. Whoever said rock ‘n’ roll was dead clearly hadn’t met our girl Grace.