5 Iconic Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen But Need To

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When you’re weeding through over-the-top gore, idiotic plot lines, and subpar acting of the horror genre (while eating your weight in candy corn), it feels like we’ve reached the apex of scary movies. How many CGI ghosts and moronic protagonists can one take? To celebrate horror’s totems, we compiled a slew of flicks for your most spine-chilling movie sesh yet. Brilliantly crafted and deeply unsettling, these groan-inducing films are more than dime-store jump scares. We grabbed the Ouija board, lit the candles, and summoned the most iconic, stomach-turning Halloween movies to haunt you throughout the season.

Watch at your own risk.


Doused in a vivid color palette and feminine decor, Italian horror film Suspiria is a visual feast of the ’70s. Argento’s cinematic masterpiece overloads your senses with crimson-red lighting design, art deco interiors, and some of the most stylish ensembles you’ll ever witness in horror cinema. We follow dovelike Suzy who moves to Germany to continue her ballet studies in a nightmarish dance academy. The aesthetic allure and employment of Technicolor are enough to make you crush hard, but the reverberating murder scenes will make you realize that you need someone to come to the bathroom with you. This unnerving film is a true must-watch this Halloween.

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In need of something nightmare-inducing? Austrian import, Goodnight Mommy takes you on an excursion to the ominous, hair-raising side of cinema. The perturbing story follows twin brothers Lukas and Elias, who suspect that their mom has been replaced with a bandaged interloper. Who is this carbon copy mom? Tapping into your most personal fears, Directors Fiala and Franz play with the compelling notion that you can lose the person you love the most at any time. Shot on gorgeous 35mm, this arthouse flick will scare the sh** out of you and turn your most courageous friends into jellyfish.

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What’s better for a creepy night in than a ’90s Japanese torture flick? Audition, directed by Takashi Miike, is potentially one of the most deeply disturbing films ever. This cult horror movie depicts a widowed man that agrees to hold fake movie auditions in search of a new lover but unfortunately falls for a demented killer. In his shifty attempt to find love, the widower ends up brutally tortured by the psycho ex-ballerina. Dubbed one of the most disturbing movies of all time by Complex, Audition is not for squeamish viewers. Dive into the minds of the mad and murderous–some things you just can’t unsee.

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If sparkly vampires don’t do it for you, Swedish horror film Let the Right One In will revitalize your love for a stellar vampire flick. As a refreshing resurgence of the overdone vampire genre, this film is not your typical vampire movie. In the snowy outskirts of Stockholm, 12-year old Oskar falls in love with his mysterious vampire neighbor who helps him avenge his bullies. The genuinely chilling film depicts an innovative boy-meets-girl love story minus the sappiness. You only need to see a few frames to feel the uneasiness.

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Jason Vorhees, Count Dracula, Freddy Krueger, and the Thing are just a few notable monsters of the horror genre that have probably kept you up at night once or twice. But what if the monster had no definitive form? With no true backstory, ‘It’ can be passed to you through sex and will slowly stalk you until your death. Just when you thought STDs couldn’t get scarier, Cannes indie horror movie It Follows might make you reconsider your Tinder date. Clever, imaginative, and original, this horror flick offers a refreshing plot and incredible cinematography that depicts the horror of inevitable destruction.

Where to watch: Netflix

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