The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Halloween

Dressing up got you spooked?

We all know the story–Halloween sneaks up on you, your ideas fall flat amidst the over-the-top costume mavens, and you go as a sexy cat for the umpteenth time. Whether you’re a Halloween aficionado, going through a creative slump, or on energy save mode, the thought of decked out costumes is daunting. Skip Halloween faux-pas without the effort–it’s not laziness, it’s selective participation. If you’re looking for something more ambitious than a witch hat to stand out from the sea of Mia Wallaces, we’ve got you covered. Ghoulish, wicked, or sultry, these costume ideas might just save your Halloween and beyond–pick your poison.

Mathilda: Léon: The Professional

Looking like a street-savvy assassin without getting your hands dirty has never been so easy. Take a cue from the 12-year old apprentice Mathilda, played by young Natalie Portman. Opt for an oversized bomber jacket that will take you from your weekend costume parties through the fall. Slap on a pendant choker and a lace-up top and you’re ready to learn the hitman’s trade.

Leeloo: The Fifth Element 

Calling all sci-fi lovers: your 23rd century, neo-punk prayers have been answered–and you can thank creative genius Luc Besson (and Jean Paul Gaultier) for it. Leeloo’s ensembles and tangerine bob still reign supreme and are incredibly easy to channel, without the commitment (or regret) of a bob. Pair with a crop top and you might just be humanity’s next heroine.

Dionne Davenport: Clueless 

Move over, Cher–it’s time to separate ourselves from the weekend amateurs. If there’s anything the culturally iconic movie taught us besides some ‘As-if’ attitude, it’s where to take our fashion cues from–the dream best friend, Dionne Davenport. The Beverly Hills beaut heightened her idiosyncratic cool-girl style with matchy co-ords and Dr. Seuss-level headwear. Go for a matchy plaid jacket and shorts, complete with schoolgirl platforms. In other words: the bolder, the better.

Trinity: The Matrix

Red pill or blue pill? Either way, Trinity’s defining liquid leather looks are a quick fix for your Halloween conundrums. Equal parts computer nerd and professional ass-kicker, Trinity’s shimmering vinyl get-ups may be her best defense. Get your hands on a glistening bodysuit and matching patent pants–nail your transformation with Matrix shades.

Rachael Tyrell: Blade Runner

Dressing up like a robot in a dystopian metropolis or going to work? In any case, calling on Rachael’s timeless style is an undemanding way to say yes to the costume party invite and also rev up your office attire–it’s a win-win. Start with a structured blazer and pencil skirt, and finish with an attention-grabbing necklace.

Heck, you could go this weekend as one of these beauts–check our Halloween shop for more ideas.

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