5 Spring Break Movies to Get You in the Mood

Get ready to PARTAY or (if you’re stayin’ in) live vicariously through our top movie picks.

The countdown to Spring Break begins now, and what better way to get yourself in the headspace than to get watching a few Spring Break themed flicks? Whether you’re hitting the road, preparing for the endless beach parties, or staying at home—we’re rounded up our 5 favorite movies which include everything from hard core partying, nineties nostalgia, flesh-eating fish, and bad decisions.

Passport to Paris (1999) 

I mean, if it’s got the Olsen twins in it, it’s a no-brainer really. Passport to Paris was the first of the string of adventure teen films to come from Mary-Kate and Ashley.  We follow sisters Melanie (Mary-Kate) and Ally Porter (Ashley) who go to visit their grandfather in Paris during Spring Break, but when they arrive, they realize he’s too busy to spend time with them. So, off they go shopping with fashion models and riding in the Vespas of hot Frenchies. Get ready for a heavy dose of nineties nostalgia.

Spring Breakers (2013)

Four college students—Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Brit (Ashley Benson), Cotty (Rachel Korine), and Faith (Selena Gomez), are bored with their lives, broke, and desperate to go on Spring Break in Florida. So desperate in fact, that they decide to rob a diner with fake guns and masks, and then head off to partaaaay with all their bundles of cash. When they arrive they meet a drug dealer rapper called Alien (James Franco), and things begin to get much darker.

Piranha 3D (2010)

For those who like their horrors, Piranha 3D is for you. Plans for Spring Break don’t go quite as planned for some college students when carnivorous fish are released into a waterside resort. Cue a lot of blood. Not recommend for the squeamish.

From Justin to Kelly (2003)

Let’s get one thing straight. This film is baaaaad. Like, rlly bad. But it’s worth watching just for the lols (trust us). Starring American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson, and Justin Guarini, From Justin to Kelly is a musical rom-com about the two finding love at Spring Break, despite Kelly’s jealous friend’s attempts to keep them apart.

Spring Breakdown (2009)

A trio of thirty-something friends, Becky (Parker Posey), Judi (Rachel Dratch), and Gayle (Amy Poehler), end up on a Spring Break trip to the South Padre Island when Becky is asked to chaperon her boss’s daughter. A film about female friendships and brimming with brilliant women leads; Spring Breakdown is super hilarious and ridiculous in the best possible way.

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