An Ode to The Rom-Com BFF

She’s sassy, she’s relatable and totally overshadowed by her best friend’s love story.

 Written by Alexa Molinaro

We all love a good romance movie, especially in the comedy variety. You know the type—girl meets boy, there’s some kind of conflict, girl and boy end up living happily ever after as we all ugly cry into our popcorn during girl’s movie night.  But the real bread and butter of Romantic Comedies? The under-appreciated and incredibly witty badass that is the Rom-Com BFF.

So this is for you: the quirky, advice-giving best friends that keep the lovesick heroine grounded and the remarkable women who bring them to life. We rounded up our all-time faves.


Played by Judy Greer

You can’t have a list of rom-com best friends without Judy Greer. In case you haven’t noticed, she has become THE rom-com BFF. From The Wedding Planner to 13 Going on 30 and everything in between, she has earned the crown as QUEEN of the best friend. So it might be easier to say that any of Judy Greer’s characters deserve the top spot on our list.



Played by Laura San Giacomo

Kit is the OG BFF. She watched out for Viv and taught her everything she needed to know in order to survive on the streets. When Viv broke the prostitute code by falling in love with a client, Kit was supportive. While it couldn’t be easy to lose her best friend and roommate to a rich “Prince Charming” type, she was the one who pushed her to get that fairy tale ending to live like “Cinde-fucking-rella”.



Played by Heather Matarazzo

What’s not to love about Lilly Moscovitz? She’s sassy, she’s honest, she’s low-key cool (she has a cable show!) and she handles her best friend becoming a princess better then most of us would. Instead of getting jealous of Mia’s new found royalty, she is just worried about her changing for the sake of their friendship, and ya know she’s pretty cool with the whole, Mia dating and breaking up with her brother thing, too.


Played by Jennifer Coolidge

What would Legally Blonde be without Paulette? Who would fix Elle’s nails and listen to her stories? Who would she teach the “bend and snap” to? We first meet Paulette giving Elle a much-needed pep talk about her current relationship status, but Paulette is more than just Elle’s soundboard. Paulette helps Elle regain her steam either by dealing with her jackass ex-husband (in which Elle experiences one of her first victories as a law student) or just by being a friend that respects & supports her for who she is and not just what she looks like.


Played by Ginnifer Goodwin

Before she was Snow White, Ginnifer Goodwin was just an average small town grocery store clerk who helped her best friend win a date with a movie star. Only a true friend could watch her BFF win the heart of a movie heartthrob.


Played by Krysten Ritter 

We all need a friend like Suze. She lets Rebecca live with her despite Rebecca’s shopaholic tendencies (and inability to make rent tendencies..) cracks open a bottle of wine while helping Rebecca tear through a pile of never-ending bills, and protects Rebecca in every way possible from the big bad debt collector. Suze is Rebecca’s number one fan who’s fall out happens for a brief moment when Rebecca pawns her bridesmaid dress to fuel her shopping addiction. But of course, she wouldn’t be a true BFF is she didn’t immediately forgive Rebecca the second she showed up at the wedding, in the bridesmaid dress.


Played by Zooey Deschanel

The relationship between Kit and the mockingbird is one of the highlights of Failure to Launch TBH. We also love that Kit finds her own romance in the movie while also acting as Paula’s rock when things get tough. Kit is the one who can be brutally honest with Paula and call her out on her BS, and even though she may not be “better at this emotional crap” she still has a soft spot for her roommate and in true BFF fashion, she’s always there for you and supportive of her getting her happy ending.







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