Play Back: Word to Your Mother

TGIM. We’ve got you covered with another killer soundtrack.

By Artemis Thomas-Handsard

Mother’s Day is less than a week away, and it’s got us thinking about just how awesome mamas are–so awesome, Beyoncé dedicated “Ring Off” to hers. Moms have been the muse for some of the most iconic artists ever, from Tupac and Kanye West to Madonna and even the Beatles, so we gathered some of the best tracks around that bow down to the OGs in our lives. Whether you’ve got mom to thank for steering you away from dating disasters like the Shirelles, having your back like LL Cool J’s, or the laundry list of blessings in Juvenile’s hit, “Mamma Got Ass,” this playlist will definitely make you wanna call your mom and show her some love. Mamas, we see you 💃

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