Your June ’18 Horoscope

This month, make room for love and lots of time for self care. Our astrologer-at-large, Kaylee Cole, is spillin’ the secrets of the cosmos.

By Kaylee Cole

Illustrations by Grace Miceli

Birthday season baby! Enjoy the month, live it up! Celebrate all month long. Mid month you’ll get a New Moon in your home sign of Gemini. New Moons are about new beginnings. And for this one, I’d like to inspire you to spend loving on your self. Use your birthday mojo to turn inside and love you as much as everybody else does. When you get to the end of the month, girl…the Full Moon is gonna illuminate your 8th house of death and rebirth. I’m sure you feel it. A big ass shift. Use this Full Moon to let go of any resi-doo-doo from the old you. It’s a new year, a new you and you’ve made so many changes. Keep on keepin on and let go of that last little bit of whatever wasn’t serving you. Go forth and really make the the most out of this next trip around the sun.

Sweet Moon Sister, take er’ easy this month. It may feel a little hazy and it’s okay if you want to be a little lazy. It’s not lazy baby, it’s self care and it’s good for you to go to there. As Liz Lemon would say, “I want you to go to there”. The New Moon on June 13th moves through your mysterious twelfth house. Which is ruled by dreamy Neptune…which happens to be going retrograde My advice is to let go, to surrender, to take rest and take care and use Neptune’s dreamy vibes for dreaming about what you’d like to come into your life in the next year. Breathe, relax…birthday season is on its way. It’s okay to hang back in your shell, in your home and do you this month mama.

Ba-ba-bow-bow! That’s a horn. Can you read-hear it? I can. This month is fire for you Leo. Which is great because that’s the stuff you’re made of. It’s Gemini season and Gemini is made of air–fanning the fire of yo flames! Feel it. Use it. Wield it. With a New Moon on June 13th in your eleventh house of friends, I see lots social vibes happening. Go out, meet up, hang out, have fun. The Full Moon at the end of the month illuminates the sixth house, a house of helping and humanitarianism. It might feel good to use the extra energy you have to give back and volunteer. Invite one of your friends out and do something good for the world. It’ll feel really good because it always does, but also because it’ll be infused with even more love and light than normal.

You want it? You got it. You want it? BABY YOU GOT IT. This is your month to bust a move babe. For real. The New Moon is in your tenth house, which rules your career. It’s a divine time to set intentions for what you wanna see and putting yourself where you wanna be in your work life. You are supported. Get creative, get clear. Delegate and celebrate. The Capricorn Full Moon at the end of the month is all about your self-expression and pleasure. Mmm pleasure. That’s an easy one to interpret. This is the time to do your thing, say what you need to say and allow yourself to open up to feeling good, feeling sensual and perhaps getting sexy with someone special.

Libra, my little love bug. Get out there and spread your love around. Feels like you have something to say and to share with the world. Is it a song? Is it an idea? Is it a philosophy? With this New Moon in your ninth house, ruling blessings and also philosophy and the publishing biz, I think it’s high time you start sharing your messages with the world. Get out of your head and into ours. There are like-minded love bugs like you that are waiting for your specific brand of magic. Don’t worry about finding them. They will find you, so long as you open up and share. We are ready.

We live and we live and we’re dead and we live again. Is it weird to quote a song that I wrote? Nah, it’s self love and it makes sense for you this month. That’s gonna be the theme of your month, Scorp. Lots of regeneration and regrowth. Examine and then celebrate the ways you’ve died and been reborn this last year. Use the New Moon in Gemini to excite ideas and desires. Out with the old, in with the new. Write a list of all the new-new in your life that you appreciate. Appreciating is cool because it just is, but it’s also an incredible technique for manifesting. Look around and love the change that’s come your way. It’s a surefire way to welcome in even more of it.

Vacay is on the way (or even a stay-cay), mmk? The New Moon mid-month falls in your seventh house of travel. I see you packing your bags and going somewhere fun. I see you taking a load off and living it up. I also am getting a little hit that things might get lit in your relationship sector as well. This is a damn good month. If you are in a relationship, perhaps this month is the month you take it to the next level. If you are single, I see you meeting someone super fun. Isn’t that what you love…travel and romance? Maybe you even meet someone fun while you are out traveling the world. Vacation-lovers are the best lovers, taking a vacation with your lover…mmm. Okay, I’ll stop saying “lover” now. Just relax and enjoy the healing that’s taken place in your health and heart and have fun this month. It’s in that place of relaxation and having fun, that we are able to clearly call in partnership.

Mountain mama, this month is the perfect midway point for you to pause–take a breath and assess what’s been happening so far for you in 2018. Are you getting what you are giving? Are you on path, on book and feeling clear? Use the Full Moon in Gemini on June 13th to get even more clear about where and what you want to see yourself spending your time and energy on for the next six months of the year. At the end of the month there is a beautiful Full Moon in your home sign of Capricorn, allowing you to really ground yourself. Lean into the feeling of stability and get yourself to a place where you feel nourished and supported in the climb up the mountain that is the rest of this year.

Time to get freaky, Water Bearer, and to have fun while doing it. You’ll have the energy you need to feel, think and be pleasurable and playful. Fun! The New Moon in mid-June is in your fifth house of creativity. Did ya know the chakra that rules creativity also rules sexuality? That’s why so many actors fall in love on set. Because that second chakra is activated hunny! So this month, it doesn’t have to be either/or, it can be exactly as you want it to be, but know that you are playing with some really potent second chakra energy. If you wanna create or date or both, this is the month to do it.

Hey sweet sister, everyone else may be buzzing around, freaking out, acting a fool but now is your time to tune in, turn off and chill the fuck out. You’ll wanna be home, even more so than normal, and that’s okay babe. Where you are at is totally okay. That’s something I like to say to myself. Especially, when I don’t feel like dragging my ass out of the house. You may find with your ruling planet Neptune going retrograde that you are a little extra sensitive. Ask for the support you need, delegate and self-care yourself to feeling great. The tides will change soon enough and you’ll be back to doing it all, energy filled and ready to rock. There are seasons of our productivity, remember and there are seasons of our rest. Take rest now and we’ll see you back out there soon enough.

This month you’re buzzin’ girl. Buzz buzz buzz. But not like buzzed. Unless you wanna be buzzed. Get buzzed. I’m talking about lots of talking, lots of action, lots of fun and excitement. With a new moon in your third house, lighting up your comms. You’ll be busy and have lots of opportunities to share, create and have a chance to sow some seeds that will unfold in the next six months. Dream job? Want it? Not sure what it is? Use June 13th’s New Moon in Gemini and your heightened powers of communication to manifest the job of your dreams. Set the intention and then sit back and watch it all unfold.

My beloved bull, it’s time to get building. Which is great because you are strong and you are good at making things happen. You’ve got a New Moon in your solid second house. The second house rules finances and you are likely going to feel some major shifts in your pocket with Uranus’ big move into your home sign last month. Uranus moved from Aries into Taurus where it will live for the next seven years. Think about that!? Seven YEARS. That’s a complete cycle. We regenerate new nails and skin and hair and everything in that amount of time. So now is the time to get your building blocks out and “Bob the Builder” style make your new life. Lay the foundation. Do some root chakra meditations, focus on building from the ground up and trust that a totally new cycle is beginning for you, your money, your career, and your life. YAY!

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