Caroline’s Top 5

Our Director of Marketing gives the inside scoop on her personal favorites from style to beauty.

We sat down with our Director of Marketing Caroline Sill (a.k.a. the HBIC here at our LA office) to get the top 5 things she’s currently obsessing over. Spoiler alert: you’ll want to get/do them all. Caroline is the driving force behind a lot of the things everyone loves about us these days and everything from her fave Nasty Gal pieces to her fave books and beauty products clearly shows why…the woman has good taste.

I just love the words. “Stressed” is maybe not my word, I love our “nasty” earrings. But I just like that they say things. You can decide what your mood is by your earring and announce that to the world.

I don’t remember where I heard about this book, but I thought it was really interesting because it’s all about female archetypes, where we derive our self worth from, and how that relates to the food that we eat and overall diet habits. This author claims that every woman falls into four archetypes and it’s just about changing your habits toward food and your body. I’m a reward eater–if I’ve done something good for the day I’m like “I deserve a glass of wine” or “I’ve had a tough day so I need chocolate”. When in reality you don’t really need chocolate.

So my very good friend who does botox in D.C. told me that intuitively we take makeup off with water. But water and oils from makeup don’t mix, and weirdly oil is what will truly get your makeup off. This product is oil based and I use it first on dry skin to get my makeup off. Then I put normal cleanser on over it. It gets everything and it feels really good. It smells yummy and I love it.

I like this jacket because it’s shiny–I like the material a lot. I love a check print. I love that it has a cropped sleeve and it’s kind of boxy. It’s a cool shape, cool fabric, and has a fun color scheme.

We’re in award season and I’m a sucker for award shows. I watched the Critics Choice Award on Sunday, which nobody watched. I cry at every speech, it’s a real thing. I dress up for the Academy Awards at my house alone, and I’ve been doing it for years. I don’t like to watch it with anybody because I don’t like talking over it. I wear gems and jewels and cry and think about what I would say if it was my speech. I feel like there weren’t a lot of great movies last year, my favorite was A Quiet Place. I just feel like John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are life goals and couple goals. I would never survive the aliens, I’d be the first out. I just thought it was a great movie and the best movie of last year and it just isn’t getting enough street cred.

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