Play Back: Fierce Femme

TGIF! Dive into the next playlist of our new monthly series.

Playlist by Neijah Williams, words by Darcey Taylor

Who run the world? Yeah, you know the rest. Celebrating the start of March, for us, means celebrating the start of Women’s Month (woop woop), and all the things that makes us the powerful, successful, and bad-ass babes we are, who have achieved some pretty incredible things. Our moms, our sisters, our friends, our idols— all just a few of the reasons worth talking about and raising up the women who mean the most to us and inspire us on the daily. So if you’re needing a little pre-Women’s Day reminder of how fucking brilliant you actually are, we’ve picked out the perfect playlist from some of our favorite musical queens to give you some inspiration. It’s time to remember the real definition of, Flawless with the equally flawless Beyoncé, and you want sass? We got it with a little bit of Ari, and Tanerélle reminds us all of the real tea with, In Women We Trust. Play that one louder for the people in the back, TY.

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