Sex Toys for Women: Breaking Down the Taboo

Which sex toy suits you?

Best women's sex toys

By Isabelle Turner

REAL TALK. It’s time to empower all aspects of your life—sex life included. Here at NG HQ, we’re total advocates for discovering your own body’s desires, sharing MIND-BLOWING experiences with your partner, and achieving endless earth-shattering orgasms. Not only do kinky sex toys allow you to explore your sexuality, they also allow you to maintain a sexually active and healthy lifestyle. And who doesn’t want that, right?

With masturbation and sex toys being more openly discussed in podcasts, music, and films – we have Netflix’s Sex/Life to thank for that – it’s no surprise that they’re becoming SO popular. Women’s sex toys usually concentrate on stimulating the clitoris but nowadays a gal has MANY options. ‘Cause when it comes to pleasure, there isn’t just a ‘one-size fits all’ solution. So whether you’re a leather-lover, kink-master, or roleplay queen—there’s an adult toy out there to seriously spice to your bedroom antics. We’re gettin’ hot just thinkin’ about it.

*Remember to read the instruction before use*.

Sex Toys for Beginners

Shop the 3-PC lipstick bullet vibrator set

Fancy dipping your toes in the art of self-pleasure? For all our complete novices out there (hey, we’ve all been a first-timer), some of the top rated sex toys may seem a little daunting. BUT we ain’t gonna let that stop us. Yep, you’re hand is always going to be there for you and when push comes to shove, it’s your ride or die, but don’t you think it’s been through enough lately? So give it a well-deserved vacay and let our killer collection of best sex toys take care of the job in hand. Think powerful g-spot vibrators, orgasm-inducing massage wands, super soft silicone pleasure balls, tantalising suction sex toys, and our all-time favorite—the bullet vibrator. Designed with your pleasure in the mind, the mini bullet vibrator’s pocket-sized shaft and tapered tip packs a serious punch (trust us). And all at the touch of a button. Oh and let’s not forget to add the water-based lubricant to the cart as well, k?

Best Sex Toys for Couples

Shop the remote control pleasure egg

Not reserved for just solo sessions, couples sex toys are an awesome way to bring excitement, suspense, and desire to your relationship. Before you decide on which sex toys will satisfy both you and your partner’s needs, it’s super important to discuss boundaries. Already know what your partner’s comfortable with? Great, let’s get down to business. If you’re lookin’ to boost your partners’ stamina, you can’t go wrong with a 7 speed, vibrating cock ring. Or maybe a toe-curling, remote controlled sex toy is more what you’re looking for? Either way, we gurantee mutual orgasms are included with every purchase. Now it wouldn’t be a sex toy round up if we didn’t give a special shout out to our favorite foreplay sidekicks. Yep, we’ve got everything from passion-igniting pheromone candles, to mind-blowing bondage tape, and hella kinky dice games. So what are you waitin’ for? Let your imagination run wild as you explore each other’s bodies—and remember, modesty isn’t an option.

Sex Toys for Experienced Players

Shop the raspberry butt plug

Are you a self-proclaimed sex toy connoisseur? Hell yeah, baby—ain’t no shame in our toy game. So, you’ve tried-and-tested all your favorite vibrators and now it’s time add to your fast-growing collection of self-pleasuring pieces. Yes. Yes. Yes. Why not level up your orgasmic-bliss with an ergonomic, silicone dildo? Take control of your own pleasure with this highly erotic sex toy. Great for when you need to take matters into your own hands. Attention anal-lovers, butt plugs are the must-have accessory of the year—as if you didn’t already know that. Choose from heart-shaped jewels, powerful speed settings, and sensual silicone designs. No ifs, just really nice butts and a kickass addition to partner play. Seriously, they’re a real ass-ett to your sexual antics. Oh and did we mention that high-speed rabbit vibrators make the most amazing gifts for that sex-pert in your life? Maybe read the room first before you hand them out though.


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