A Girl and Her Dog: Mia and Larry

Diamonds Furry pooches are a gal’s best friend.


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For Mia, a four-legged companion has proven to be a true bestie–and come on, what bff is actually this cuddly? Meet Larry, the undeniably coolest companion to the undeniably coolest dog owner in Los Angeles. We immediately fell in love with Larry and his oh-so stylish human, so we sat down with the pair to talk about the magic between a girl and her canine, and how it all happened.

Let’s talk about this doggo–Husky, German Shepherd mix, cutest furry companion ever?

I have a feeling he’s a German Shepherd malamute/timber wolf mix. I know that sounds ridiculously specific for someone who has never gotten a doggo DNA test, but I just know it in my heart. And my one hour of non-vigorous Google searches can back me up.

How did you and Larry meet?

Two weeks after I got out of a 5-year relationship (a dogless one because he was allergic–shoot me) I decided it was time to check out some shelters. I visited three shelters that day and fell in love with a few Huskies but for some reason or another, the shelters wouldn’t let me adopt them. Either they had a violent past or were on their way to being re-homed. It was emotionally draining. By the third shelter, I was deep in South Central–lost, sweaty, mascara running, and ready to give up. I put my hand in all of the cages to pet all the pups. People looked at me like I was wild since a lot of those dogs were dangerous. I figured if it bites me, it isn’t meant to be. I’m sort of like Steve Irwin in that way, ya know? So I see this terrifying, aggravated and confused dog ready to attack through the bars and put my hand in his cage. He growled at me for a second, so I tapped him on the snout and he licked my hand. I alpha’d him and he respected me for it. At that moment I knew he was the one.

This bad boy saved your life? Tell us the story.

I was in a long term relationship that left me pretty broken. I didn’t realize how toxic and verbally vicious the relationship was until I was out of it. I had zero self-esteem and questioned everything I did. I didn’t think I could make it in Los Angeles alone, without my family or people I could trust–he was my family. When I decided to find a dog, I was trying to fill a void. I was searching for something to give me purpose again. Being Larry’s human did that for me.

Walk us through a day in the life of you and Larry.

We’re pretty lazy. We like to cuddle in bed, listen to jazz, and eat salami. We’re sophisticated.

Who is Larry’s spirit person?

I feel like he and Steve Buscemi are kindred spirits. They’re goofy but can be terrifying when they need to be.

Any pooch-friendly recommendations in LA?

Sqirl for lunch with the pup is really cute. LA, in general, is pretty pup friendly so it’s easy to find mom & dog hangs.

Three words to describe your style?

Funny, sexual, and comfortable.

What’s your most prized piece in your wardrobe?

My highlighter orange jacket liner from Alpha Industries. It wasn’t expensive but it has seen me through a lot of parties and a lot of lovers.

Favorite vintage find?

My favorite vintage piece to date is my ’90s Versace crepe wrap top. It’s blue and white and covered with cherubs.  I love it so much.

Where do you find style inspiration–movies, icons, etc.?

Everywhere! Film and television especially. The Nanny, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, any Fellini film ever–could go on and on.

Larry’s go-to style choice?

Larry’s big on comfort. He likes to pair his birthday suit with a black rubber bootie look in the summer for maximum chill and protection from the scorching LA pavement.