Dear My 21-Year-Old Self: Stop What You’re Doing


By admin


Some seriously good life advice from the babes at Nasty Gal HQ.

Okay, so we probably shouldn’t regret all the not-so-great decisions we made in our early twenties–it’s like a trial phase anyway, right? But what if you could have had some super helpful advice before piling on that eyeliner a little too thick? We asked some of the Nasty Gal team to weigh in and got some really, really good career and life advice.

“Don’t spend money on stupid things, save your money for travel and your future. Surround yourself with creative people. Also, sunblock every day!” – Producer, Linda

“Have fun and take care of your body. Start taking vitamins– I feel like I waited too late. Don’t underestimate yourself just because you’re young.” – Graphic Designer, Andrea

“Don’t worry about looking like you have it all figured it out. Plus, water and a good moisturizer.”- Neijah, Editorial Manager

“Travel. Don’t worry about getting a job right away. Find a job that you want to do, not what you have to do. Don’t be afraid to say that your first job isn’t your dream job. Don’t think that you have to hit the mark. That will come. And start using eye cream!” – Sam, Brand Manager

“Hang out with people who are smarter than you. And learn when to say no.” – Liza, Stylist

“Actually act mature in the work environment–you’ll move up faster. Don’t be the gossip queen. Be the person everyone wants to talk to. Also be realistic! There are so few people who actually like their jobs. Oh, and move to a different state at some point.” – Lauren, Digital Marketing Specialist

“Everything will work out. Not having a plan is fine. Keep exploring! Don’t settle, and keep pushing yourself to explore more. Your job is not everything. Find your happy spot outside of that.” – Veronica, Digital Marketing Manager

There you have it. Now, where can we find that advice for my future self?