Your September ’18 Horoscope

Get ready for some major shifts and cosmic gifts – supreme space witch Remy Ramirez sheds light on the month ahead.

By Remy Ramirez

Illustrations by Grace Miceli

Don’t stop get it get it, Virgo! It’s your bday month, eclipse season is over, and Merc. retrograde is kaput—ef yes! You get the month started off with a little prezzie from the stars, aka (a now direct) Mercury entering Virgo on the 5th, where it’ll hang out through the end of the month. Finally everyone can get on your level! Expect communication to flow a little easier for you and your mind to be even sharper than usual. Workwise, it’s a great time to brainstorm and give presentations. On the 9th, you get more cosmic lovin’ in the form of a Virgo new moon. Holla! Whatever you have going on that day—no joke hundred percent for sure take time to write down what you want to create in the next month to year. This is YOUR new moon, and you won’t get another one for a year, so don’t squander it, Earth Babe. Get those intentions on paper. Speaking of moons, on the 24th, a full moon in Aries will land in your house of work and service. Turns out this is the house Virgo oversees, so truly, this month is custom tailored to be a win for you, bb. Keep an eye out for breakthroughs around work or anything you do to be of service to others (like volunteering, passion project-ing, momming, etc.). Aries is action-oriented, fearless, and adventurous—a great counterbalance to your perfectionism, which can sometimes paralyze you when it’s time to get the damn show on the road. The only warning: Aries can be combative and tantrum-prone, so heads up in case someone tries to throw down at work around that day. Otherwise, it’s smooth sailin’, birthday gal.

Shout out to all you Libra ladies tryin’ to make it through Virgo season! LOL no but really—Virgo energy isn’t exactly a fit for you, Air Babe, and as expected, the month brings a bit of a mixed bag. For starters, some good shit: Up till the 23rd, you’ll be cruising the house of earned income, so be on the lookout for v sweet checks rollin’ in and/or opps to make. that. money. Woot! On the 8th, Venus in Libra will square Mars in Capricorn. Woof. This can cause relationship quarrels, either with bae or just people you’re close to (cough family cough). On the upside, it could also bring up some srs sexy vibes, but heads up that these are of the short-lived, not-for-keeps variety, so exnay on getting attached. On the 21st, Mercury will move into Libra for a few weeks, and this is tight af for ya, Libra. At least for a minute, the rest of the world will be speaking your diplomatic, refined language. You’ll also get some added brain power, as Mercury rules the mind, so this is a killer time to problem solve, brainstorm, and negotiate. On the 23rd, we close out with a rough one: Sun in Libra opposite Chiron in Aries. Dammit, Chiron! This guy is the wounded healer, which is about as fun as it sounds, but also about as important. When he shows up, you can expect things like old pains resurfacing and/or new pain popping in to hang out and teach you needed lessons. The goal is growth and learned empathy, so that eventually you can use your experience to help guide others going through the same thing. It may not feel good in the moment, but keep your eyes on the big picture, Libra, and remember to breathe.

Aww yeah girl. You’re kicking off September with some killer sexy vibes, aka Venus scooting into Scorpio on the 9th and hanging out there for the rest of the month, aka wowowowow. Things are getting steamy, Scorpion style, and that means extra power for you in the bedroom and out flirtin’ in the world. In case you didn’t know this about yourself, your sexuality is the kind that needs to be met with emotional depth. Keep that in mind throughout the month—one-night-stands are fun, but they just won’t satisfy you in the long run (even if they’re amazing… which they may well be this month). On the 12th, Venus in Scorpio will oppose Uranus in Taurus, throwing all kinds of wrenches into your love life (although, some of them are potentially good wrenches). Uranus is a wild and unpredictable planet, so things like sudden breakups or fights with bae are on the table, I hate to tell you. On the other hand, if you’re single, you might meet someone who sweeps you off your feet—especially if you’re into unconventional relationships. The month closes out with an Aries full moon on the 24th, landing in your house of transformation, which is actually the house Scorpio oversees, so that’s pretty killer. Aries is not about subtlety—the energy is big, active, and fearless. Be ready to see some notable and important life changes around this day, Scorp—whether in your exterior or interior world (i.e. emotional shifts that have big payoffs). Either way, a change is a-comin’, so hold on tight, Water Mama.

Sup Sag! September’s got some killer cosmic gifts for ya, starting with the Sun in your house of home and foundations through the 23rd. Virgo has an organized, stabilizing energy, so get your fall cleaning on, bb, and throw out anything that’s not useful for you anymore (this is legit a feng shui activity that brings lots of blessings, so it’s a win win). If you’re looking to move, find a roommate, or remodel, perfectionist Virgo will help you hold out till the exact right situation shows up for you. Settling is not on the table with this energy in the mix. On the 9th, Venus will scoot into your house of earned income. YES GURL. Money could def be headed your way, especially via projects you super love working on or that hold a special place in your heart. Cash flowing in through someone you love is a possibility, too, so be on the lookout for someone in your inner circle hooking it up with a job. On the 24th, a v powerful full moon in Aries (with a Saturn/Uranus trine to boot) will light up your house of long-term plans. LOVE this. Aries is adventurous, fun loving, and action-oriented, and will help you take charge and put successful plans in motion—probably in your career, but potentially in other areas as well. ALL GOOD THINGS, Archer Lady, so get out there and have a damn good month.

Yas goat babes, you survived eclipse season, you made it through Mercury retrograde—and now things are lookin’ up! September gets rollin’ with a MAJOR gearshift for you in the form of Saturn going direct on the 6th. The planet of discipline and responsibility has been retrograde in Capricorn since April and will now finally start pushing momentum forward rather than back. Not only will you notice shifts in any sense of limitation you’ve been carrying around, but you should also start to feel like some bummer life lessons that have been all up in your face since April will start to resolve. TIGHT. On the 11th, more good news! Sun in Virgo trines Pluto in Cap on this day, giving you tons of your favorite thing: POWER. (You know you love it.) You’ll have an increased ability to influence others and sway them to your point of view on this day, especially in the career department, so if there were ever a time to ask for a promotion, this is it. The month rounds out with a killer full moon in Aries, backed up by a Saturn/Uranus trine, falling into your house of career and fame. Best news ever, my friend. Aries goes boldly into new territory and doesn’t take no for an answer, so if you’ve been wanting a new position, job, internship—whatever—this full moon will shot-put you to where you want to be. Good stuff, Cap, really good stuff.

Hey Water Bearer! September’s got some good shit going on, so let’s get this party started. On the 10th, driven, lusty Mars will move into Aquarius for a few weeks, giving you a solid push of motivation to make whatever changes you need, get projects finished, and have great sex (slam dunk after slam dunk, gurl). The only thing to watch out for here is Mars’ combative nature—so exnay on the tantrums and throw-downs, m’dear. The 23rd reels a killer cosmic aspect for you: Mercury in Libra trine Mars in Aquarius. This celestial collab is giving you lots of brainpower: your ability to concentrate, come up with good ideas, analyze, and communicate will all be heightened around this day. Publishing is also favored with this aspect. If you need to make a presentation, brainstorm, or write a piece for publication, star this day on your cal. On the 24th, an Aries full moon is getting some sweet sweet lovin’ from a Saturn/Uranus trine. The result is good things happening in the friends and network department, or even potentially on the Internet (social media for example). Aries has an extroverted, fun-loving energy, so you might just be having the GNO to end all GNOs. With Aries’ professionally competitive nature, you also might make a powerful networking connection, IRL or over the ‘netz. Either way you slice it, September is all about that good good, so get out there and have a blast, Aquarius.

Oh hey Fish Mamas. Big ups to you for surviving the insanity that was eclipse season meets Mercury retrograde! It’s Virgo season now, and you’re getting it kicked off with the Sun in your house of partnerships through the 23rd. Virgo is committed af, so it’s a great time to zero in on your forever-boo, get a business partner on lock, or team up with a ride-or-die BFF. On the flip, Virgo can be emotionally distant and hypercritical, so be on the lookout for those ‘tudes coming in and causing drama with anyone you’re in any kind of partnership with. On the 9th, Venus in Scorpio slides on into your house of pleasure and creativity, where it’ll hang out for the rest of the month. Scorpio is a v emotionally intense water sign. This house is pretty upbeat, carefree, and flirty, so there’s a bit of a conflict there. To make it work, combine vacay getaways and fun feels with emotionally substantial moments. Like, don’t just margarita the month away. If sex comes up—make emotional connection part of the vibe. Also, any fun trips or staycations you can do with bae will be super favored. It’s a fine line you’re treading with these two, but that’s both the beauty and the challenge of these energies coming together. On the 25th, there’s a bit of a hiccup for ya, Water Babe, with retrograde Chiron moving into Pisces territory. Yeesh. Chiron is the wounded healer. He brings the gift of pain (thanks, bro) in order to give you opportunities to heal and eventually help others heal. Retrograde Chiron digs back through the archives to find old, unhealed wounds and pulls them up for you to look at again, hopefully to heal once and for all. You’ll have this aspect in your chart through December 9th, so keep an eye out for something painful from the past making it’s way back into your world. It may not be your favorite thing, but remember that it’s all for the greater good, Pisces.

Big changes on the horizon, Aries! You get the month started off with the Sun in Virgo slipping into your house of transformations, where it’s posting up till the 23rd. Virgo rules health and work, so you may see shifts in these areas. This house also oversees sex, so keep your eyes peeled for a cutie Virgo comin’ to sweep you off your feet with all that hot, hot analysis power and organizational skill. On the 23rd, you get a bit of a bummer situation, Ram Mama, when the Sun in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries (in retrograde, no less). I know you just dealt with this last month, but it’s back, sister, and all up in that womp womp vibe. In case you need a refresher, Chiron is the wounded healer who oversees painful experiences in our lives, doling them out in the hopes that we learn to heal them and eventually use what we learned to heal others. It’s great in the big picture, but def not fun times in the moment. Because Chiron’s retrograde, it’s most likely that an old, unhealed pain will resurface, so heads up now so you can book an extra appointment with your therapist, get a massage in the books—whatever you gotta do. The month rounds out with a KILLER full moon on the 24th in none other than Aries (yessssss so much yes). It’s backed by a top-notch trine with Saturn and Uranus, so the vibes are extra tight. If you’ve been working toward something, that’s the day to collect. Cosmos are in your corner in a real way that day, so get up get out and get some, Aries.

Ready, set, September! You get the month kicked off with super good vibes, aka Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus on the 7th. What’s on the menu: exciting news comin’ atcha, amped communication powers, interesting people expanding your mind, making friends, and/or (randomly) increased capabilities with technology and the Internet (strong selfie powers, if nothing else). The force is def with you on this day, so act accordingly, Bull Babe. On the 12th, Venus in Scorpio will oppose Uranus in Taurus, throwing all kinds of wrenches into your love life (although, some of them are potentially good wrenches). Uranus is a wild and unpredictable planet, so things like sudden breakups or fights with bae are on the table, sorry to say. On the other hand, if you’re single, you might meet someone who sweeps you off your feet—especially if you’re into unconventional relationships, so heads up there. Just know this charmer probs won’t be in it for the long-term, so no getting attached, Taurus. The 24th brings a full moon in Aries, lighting up your house of earned income. YAS GURL. This moon is backed by a super powerful trine to Saturn and Uranus, which is great for helping you make smart changes that’ll bring those hundos rollin’ in. Music to those Taurus ears, I know.

Yo yo, Gem. You start September off right, with Sun in Virgo lighting up your house of career and fame all month till the 23rd. Now that we’re out of the retrograde/eclipse madness, Virgo’s influence will have a very solidifying, stable effect on your career and on getting you into the limelight. Virgo also oversees health and work that we do purely for the love of it, so keep that in mind throughout the month—these may be windows of opportunity for your career. On the 9th, Venus in Scorpio moves into your house of transformations, where it’ll chill for the rest of the month. This is actually the house Scorpio oversees, so the vibes are extra strong. Look for big shifts in your relationships after the 9th. The house is about death and rebirth, so you may be letting go of someone in order to usher someone new in. This house is also about sex, straight up, so you might just be having sexy time go down in new and amazing ways (get. it.). The 24th ushers in an Aries full moon, landing in your house of communication and publishing. This moon is teaming up with a v tight trine to Saturn and Uranus, helping you make changes that are super good for you in the long-term. If you do work in communications/publishing, some killer developments could go down on this day. Otherwise, keep an eye out for conversations around the 24th that bring all the good changes your way. Even if the shifts feel abrupt, just know they’ll be ultra helpful for you in the big picture, Air Mama.

Well hello, Crab Babes. September kicks off with Sun in Virgo, lighting up your house of friendships and networks through the 23rd. Virgo isn’t the most outgoing sign, but it is loyal af, so you might see friends showing up for you in a ride-or-die way. On the network front, Virgo oversees health and service (work we do because we love it, not necessarily for the money), so lookout for opps to mix and mingle with people who could elevate your status in those areas. This house also oversees social media and the Internet, so you might be making connections (of the network or friend variety—especially Virgo friends) over the ‘netz in some way. On the 9th, Venus in Scorpio scoots into your house of long-term plans and foreign travel. LOVE this! Scorpio is not triflin’—she’s in it for the long haul. She’s also v emotionally intense, so you might see someone come into your life who means business in the love department, especially someone who’s “foreign” to you—like, literally from another country or more figuratively, someone who feels like they come from a very different life experience. You also might find yourself creating long-term connections while travelling, so heads up there. On the 24th, a full moon in Aries will light up your house of home and foundations. Ooh, the plot thickens, Cancer! This is the house you home-loving Crabs oversee, and Aries is coming in like a bull in a China shop—backed up by a Saturn/Uranus trine—to make some changes. The house can be about your literal, physical home or about your foundations (often things you learned in your childhood that created your life-view). I know these kinds of changes aren’t Cancer’s idea of a party, but don’t trip too hard—Saturn will have a super stabilizing influence over the whole thing, so whatever shifts are about to go down are def for your benefit when peeped from an aerial view, bb.

Let’s do this, Leo! You start the month off with Virgo in your house of spirituality, shadow, and secrets till the 23rd. Virgo oversees health and service (any kind of work you do because you love it or just, like, to be a good human), so truths may surface around these areas, or else be kept from you. Because of the shadow aspect of this house, you might also notice some shit behaviors—from you or someone else—coming up in relationship to these issues. Beyond all that, the spiritual aspect of this house makes this a killer time to do spiritual work that’s rooted in the physical (because Virgo). This means yoga, hiking to Machu Picchu (or wherever), ecstatic dance—you get it. On the 9th, Venus in Scorpio checks into your house of career and fame. YAS. Definitely be on the lookout for work you love to do bringing your name into the spotlight or advancing your career in some way. Scorpio has a bit of an obsessive quality about it, so this could definitely be something you’re REALLY into. Or it’s about sex, since Scorpio rules sex. Either way: down. On the 24th, an Aries full moon will light up your house of fun and creativity. Perfect for you, since this is the house you oversee, and Aries is your cosmic fire buddy! Circle your cal, and plan for something lighthearted, fun, and flirty on this day. Or else, dig into your creative projects in a real way. Quirky Uranus is in the mix with a trine to this moon, so if plans take you off the beaten path or pair you up with someone eccentric or from a faraway land—even better. All in all, it’s lookin’ pretty good this month, Lion Babe, so go get it.

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