Your 2018 Holiday Horoscope

Get ready for some major shifts and cosmic gifts this holiday season from supreme space witch Remy Ramirez.

By Remy Ramirez


It’s holiday season, it’s Scorpio season—what a time to be alive, bbs! You get things kicked off with your very own new moon in Scorpio on November 7th. YAS, GIRL. Every new moon is an opportunity to let go of what isn’t working and refocus on what we want, but that’s even more the case when transformational Scorpio energy is thrown in the mix. Get serious about tossing out any B.S. in your life and investing in what you really want to create. On that note, this is a killer time to clean out your closet and ditch whatever you’re not into anymore. Especially because on November 16th, Venus, who’s been retrograde since last month, will finally go direct, making this the best time to go big on all your beauty buys: killer lewks for those holiday parties, a game-changing haircut, those lash extensions you’ve been dying for. It’s all going down in your house of earned income till December 2nd, so get prepped to make that money and then pamper yourself with it. On November 15th, Mars moves into your house of long-term plans and foreign affairs, where it’ll hang out till the end of December. Mars is driven and ambitious, so this is the perfect time to make some boss moves and turn those dreams into a reality. Either that, or book a trip abroad (or make boss moves abroad—nothin’ wrong with that). It’s a great time to be a Scorpio, so go big, Water Mama.


Oh hey, Archer babes. You’ve got some rly good shit on the horizon this holiday season, starting with a new moon in Scorpio landing in your house of earned income on November 7th. Get that cash, Sag! Scorpio is focused, fearless, and deep, and that energy is being poured into new opportunities for you to rake in the bucks. I’m seeing work projects that you connect with emotionally and get paid well for, so heads up that you’ll soon be able to afford all those drop-dead holiday looks you’ve been eyeing. More killer news: On November 15th, Mars in Pisces is moving into your house of career, where it’ll hang out through the end of December. So good! Mars is ambitious and driven, while Pisces is artistic and emotional. Seeing a pattern? Your career is veering into a territory that is authentic to you and your creative expression, girlfriend, and it’s building momentum in a real way. Speaking of building momentum, Venus, who’s been retrograde for a hot minute, goes direct on the 16th in your house of communication. Venus rules relationships (family, bae, friends), so if you’ve been waiting to have a heart-to-heart with someone in your circle, hold off till after the 16th. Since it looks like your work is taking an emotional/creative turn (areas Venus oversees), wait till after the 16th to pitch, negotiate, or give a presentation. And if you work in publishing, PR, or marketing, good things could definitely happen for you at the office the last half of November. It’s pretty on point this season, Sag, so live it up.


Things are getting major, Cap, just in time for the holidays! A new moon in Scorpio on November 7th is lighting up your house of communication. Scorpio does NOT play when it comes to emotions—she’s fierce, fearless, and goes all the way down to the darkest depths. That’s not exactly your comfort zone, Goat Babe, but there’s no use fighting it. Whatever intense conversation needs to go down will help you create a solid foundation for some cool shit in the future, so dig deep and get honest. On November 15th, Mars, planet of aggression, moves into your house of friendships, where it’ll hang out till the end of December. Yeesh. Be on the lookout for some not chill conflicts in your squad (TFW ya girl has too much egg nog and drops some truth bombs). No buens, but at least you’re getting a heads up. On the other hand, Mars is ambitious and career-driven, and this house also happens to oversee networking circles. If you’re looking for career opportunities, put the werk in network, henny—it could really pay off for you. We can all breathe a sigh of relief on November 16th when Venus, planet of love and beauty, goes direct. She’ll be landing in your house of home and family and sticking it out there till December 2nd, so if you’ve been wanting to move or redecorate your digs, definitely hold out till after the 16th. Venus also oversees relationships, so you could see changes for the better with someone in your family after that day—a perfect way to lighten your load after all the drama.


Ready for some holiday feels, Aquarius? On November 7th, a Scorpio new moon is lighting up your house of home and family. Scorpio is the give-no-fucks sign of death and rebirth—if something’s gotta go, she will burn it to the ground; if something needs to grow, she’ll birth it sans epidural. She’s hardcore, dude. Be ready for upheavals around your home life and/or with your family around this day. It might feel super intense, but whatever comes up is for the greater good, believe me. On November 15th, Mars in Pisces moves into your house of spirituality and secrets and chills out there till the end of December. This is actually the house Pisces oversees, making this energy extra big for you. Mars controls masculinity, so be on the lookout for a secret about or from a man in your life to be revealed. Mars also oversees drive and ambition, so getting disciplined with a spirituality regimen like yoga, meditation, or affirmation repetitions could be especially great for you during the holiday season (read: holiday survival tactics). On November 16th, Venus in Libra will un-retrograde itself and station direct in your house of fun and flirtation till December 2nd. Woohoo! When Venus retrogrades, all things beauty are off limits—but now that it’s direct, you can hit up that tanning salon, get that Brazilian, and shop like crazy for the hundreds of holiday parties filling up your cal. Because Venus oversees romance and is lighting up your house of flings, definitely get some looks you wanna bat your lashes in—you’ll make good use of ‘em.


Time to party hardy, Pisces. A new moon in Scorpio on November 7th is lighting up your house of creativity. Scorpio is intense, deep, and driven—the perfect combo for going full-on Kahlo. Invest some serious time to whatever passion project you’ve had in the works, and see what genius-level creation you can materialize by the next full moon. On November 15th, Mars gets on your team when it moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces territory, where it’ll chill till the end of December. Dude. So good. Mars is driven and ambitious, so whatever you’ve had your eye on (pitching that idea, going for that job, hitting up that hottie)—this is your time, bb. Mars’ll give you the guts to make big moves. That said, Mars is also the planet of war, so just make sure you don’t go overboard and get confrontational or overly pushy. On November 16th, Venus, who’s been wreaking havoc with her retrograde situation, will switch gears and go direct in your house of work and service through December 2nd. This is v good news for your work sitch—not only will you see an uptick in good feels from bosses and coworkers (nothing like spiced rum at a holiday party to get posi vibes flowing), you might also take on some projects you’re super pumped about. Venus will be operating under the influence of Libra, who loves beauty, diplomacy, and justice, so any passion projects you’re working on that are related to those areas will get a helping hand in a real way. ‘Tis the season for good stuff, Pisces, and you’re doing it up right.


OMG Aries, such good shit ahead! On November 7th, a new moon in Scorpio will land in your house of work and service. Honestly, I love this combo. Scorpio is driven, committed, and has big emotions. I see major opportunities around this day to invest in a work situation that you’re obsessed with. It could also have to do with a passion project or volunteer role, so heads up there. On November 15th, Mars in Pisces will move into your house of income and hang out there through the end of December. YESSSS. Mars is the planet that’s just like, “DGAF, gonna make it happen, lol to anyone who tries to stop me.” That kind of energy in your money sector will most likely bring you a fat check (holiday splurging FTW!), especially if you’re doing work related to the arts, spirituality, or water (Pisces specialties). On November 16th, Venus, who’s been retrograding and making everyone’s life crazy, will go direct in your house of partnerships till December 2nd. For real though, could things get any better for you, Ram Mama? Venus oversees all things relationship-related, so if you’re looking for your perma-boo, this is a seriously auspicious time to hang out under the mistletoe. If you’re booed up, get ready to take things to the next level with bae. At the very least, any rough patches you’ve been going through with any or all partners (biz partners, life partners, carpool partners) should get ironed out in the last two weeks of the month. It’s a bunch of good stuff, bb, so have at it!


Oh dang, Bull Babe, the Cosmos are bringin’ the heat this holiday season! On November 7th, a new moon in Scorpio will light up your house of partnerships. Let’s just address the sexy elephant in the room: Scorpio is better in bed than all the other signs combined—and v committed, too. Having that sexual, loyal energy in your house of partnerships could mean an off-the-charts, loving, under-the-sheets experience with bae or a potential bae. That said, Scorpio is also vengeful, jealous, and distrustful, so watch out for road bumps there because the wrath of Scorpio is no joke. On November 15th, Mars in Pisces will move into your house of communication and hang out there till the end of December. Pisces is v sensitive and emotional, but honestly, terrible when it comes to being open and direct. You might find yourself in some sticky convos, struggling to get your point across or to understand someone else who can’t just say what they mean. Either that, or you’re going to be talking/writing about any or all of the Pisces specialties: spirituality, the arts, or anything water-related (my vote’s for this option ‘cause it’s more fun). On November 16th, Venus, who’s been retrograde since last month, will go direct in your house of transformation till December 2nd. This is all happening under Libra, the sign of partnerships, and to me, it looks related to the partnership issues that came up with the new moon. If there were misunderstandings or arguments, this shift in Venus will help smooth things over, so y’all can still hit up all those holiday parties together (phew!). It’s a pretty great ending to an emotional rollercoaster, so keep your eye on the prize, Taurus.


Big. Things. Comin’. Atcha. First up: a new moon in Scorpio on the 7th, lighting up your house of transformation (and sex!), which is actually the house Scorpio oversees, making this a super intense Scorpio on Scorpio sandwich. Scorp energy is deep, sexual, and fearless. Big changes are likely with this energy, and while those shifts could def be external (career, love, home), they could also be internal (growth, feels, mental health). Then again, you might just have mind-blowing sex because that’s literally one of the things Scorpio does best. On November 15th, Mars moves into Pisces, where it’ll light up your house of home and family all the way through the end of December. Pisces is sensitive, emotional, and artistic—Mars is driven, gutsy, and sometimes combative. With these elements at play, you might get serious about taking your house décor to the next level, but honestly my take is that it’s more about your family life than your physical home. Emotional upheaval is for sure a possibility with this combo, or even a conflict with someone in your fam (nothin’ like a little family drama for the holidays). If family feuds aren’t at play, this cosmic combo might instead help you gain momentum in your artistic expression, your dreams for the future (Pisces is v dreamy), and/or your emotional state. On the 16th, Venus will shift out of retrograde and go direct in your house of long-term plans and foreign affairs till December 2nd. Venus controls love and relationships, so this is killer time to work those mistletoe moves and snag yourself a perma-boo or take things with bae to the next level. If that person is from overseas, all the better for ya, Gem.


Happy holidays is right, Crab Babe! You get the season kicked off with a new moon in Scorpio on November 7th, landing in your house of long-term plans and foreign travel. This is a killer time to take a trip abroad (maybe even a cruise, since Scorpio is a water sign). It’s also a great time to put plans in motion for the long-term vision of your life. Scorpio is emotionally deep, and its energy is asking you to get real about what will (and will not) fulfill you, so that you can make significant strides in the right direction. On November 15th, Mars moves into Pisces and into your house of creativity and fun, where it’ll hang out for the rest of the year. Holla! Girl—time to hit up ALL the holiday parties. This house is good times in a real way, but it’s also about your artistic expression—especially with dreamy, imaginative Pisces in the mix. Get into some fun, creative projects; take a pottery class, DIY crafty holiday gifts, or just smoke a jay and paint all night. Mars is driven and active, so invest any and all extra energy you have into your creativity this holiday season, bb. On the 16th, Venus will shift out of retrograde and go direct in your house of career, where it’ll chill till December 2nd. If you’ve had any roadblocks at work, they’ll start to work themselves out during the last two months of November (just in time for the office holiday party—sweet!). Venus will be transiting through Libra, which is a super diplomatic, tactful sign, so negotiations, peaceful partnerships, and fair treatment will be favored. Couldn’t get any better if you wrapped it all up in a bow, Cancer.


This holiday season’s about to put you to work, Leo! A new moon in Scorpio on the 7th is hitting up your house of fame and career, making this day a killer time to get super clear on the kind of work you’re head over heels for. Scorpio is emotional, devoted, and picky af, and that energy is asking to be a part of how you relate to your career: does it excite you? Are you absolutely committed to it? Is it the perfect thing for you? If not, time to ditch it and start making moves in a better direction. On the 15th, you get a double work whammy when Mars moves into Pisces and your house of work and service, where it’ll hang out till the end of December. Pisces works with spirituality, art, water, and the subconscious. Either start looking seriously at these areas as potential career opportunities (and going for it full throttle—Mars is great with that), or use these areas to help you make advancements in your career (like, maybe see a psychic, hypnotist, or tarot reader to give you some clarity on how to make big moves). On the 16th, Venus shifts out of retrograde, going direct in your house of friends and networking circles till December 2nd. If you’ve been having any weird drama in your crew, it’s about to get worked out (so you can all hit up those holiday parties together—phew!). This is also a v good time to network about the jobby job and get support from the people in your circles, so get out there and be the star that you are, Leo! You’re bound to get noticed.


You’re getting served with some feels for the holidays, Virgo! Starting with a new moon in Scorpio on the 7th that’ll be landing in your house of friendships. Scorpio is loyal, deep, and observant. It’s also jealous, vengeful, and resentful. Depending on what kind of energy you’re working with, either of these could come up—from you or from someone else toward you. Let’s cross our fingers for the former, but if it’s the latter, wait till after Novemer 16th to work it out. That’s because on the 16th, Venus, planet of love and relationships, moves out of retrograde and goes direct in your house of secrets, spirituality, and the subconscious, where it’ll chill till December 2nd. A secret about or from someone you care about could def get revealed to you in these couple of weeks. If that’s the case, having it out in the open will really help resolve issues and move forward. If a secret doesn’t come into play, spirituality and the subconscious will be helpful for you during this time, especially working with anyone in the magical arts (tarot readers, psychics) or people who work with the subconscious (hypnotists, for example). Starting on November 15th and continuing till December 31st, Mars will shift into Pisces and your house of partnerships. In its healthy vibration, Pisces is nurturing, creative, and affectionate, but in its shadow vibration, it’s deceptive and victimy. Now is the time to push forward in partnerships that feel loving, gentle, and creative—and exnay on anyone you’ve teamed up with who’s playing games or manipulating. It’s basically the best present you could ever give yourself, so happy damn holidays, Virgo!


Dang Libra, the Cosmos aren’t playin’ when it comes to your stars right now! You kick things off on November 7th with a new moon in Scorpio in your house of secrets, spirituality, and the subconscious. Pisces oversees this house, but since they’re both water signs, Scorpio’s totally in its element here. Something may come up around this day related to a secret—yours or someone else’s—and it could feel very intense and emotional. On the flip, this is a SUPER good time to invest in spiritual work—reiki, psychic readings, tarot readings, or even something like hypnosis would be killer around the 7th. That’s especially true because on the 15th, Mars is moving into Pisces and your house of transformation, which is overseen by Scorpio (this ongoing Scorpio/Pisces combo tho)! It’ll hang out there till December 31st, so you have a hot minute with that mega powerful energy. What to expect? BIG CHANGES! Huge. Mars is balls to the wall when it puts its mind to something, and this is the house of inner and outer transformation, soooo… you do the math. Pisces oversees art and creativity, dreams (both actual dreams and dreams for your future), spirituality, and water, so these are all areas where you could see serious shifts. On November 16th, Venus goes direct in Libra (that’s you!) after being in retrograde for over a month. YES GIRL. It’ll hang out here till December 2nd, so all things Libra-related will pick up momentum during that stint, but especially beauty and partnerships. If there have been issues with anyone you’ve teamed up with, personally or professionally, things are about to smooth over and push forward. This is also a srsly good time to get gorg—makeovers, new hair looks, and all those outfits you’ve been drooling over, wait till after November 16th when Venus is back on track, and then ‘tis the season to pamper yourself, Libra.

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