Meet Renée Lusano




Renée Lusano is the queen of selfies.


We’re not talking your standard selfie situation either (the right angle paired with the perfect lighting and a dreamy filter). This L.A.-based lady uses a drone to chronicle her awesome life (which looks as though it’s a non-stop party all over the world) as a graphic designer/photographer/artist.

We got a peek at how she does it on a recent Nasty Gal shoot and she blew our minds. Read on and learn more as we chat about her charmed life.

Is your life a never-ending vacation?

I try my hardest to always be on vacation, but unfortunately I can only leave the real world for a few weeks at a time before I have to stop spending money and come home. But even when I’m home I go crazy if I don’t take mini vacations to go camping, to the desert, the beach, or Tijuana, Mexico. Thanks to social media, I can edit out my boring days and all you ever see is when I’m on vacation.

What do you do for work?

I’m a freelance graphic designer, occasionally a freelance illustrator, and more and more looking like I’m setting myself up to be a drone operator.

“Early last year I saw someone flying a drone outside of an event in Downtown L.A. I had never seen one, and I was completely mesmerized by the way that it moved—totally UFO-like.”

Your three favorite things about living in L.A.?

1. I love the weather here, because any time of the year you can go swimming outdoors.
2. I love the people here. L.A. people for the most part are all actively working toward something that they want to do, whether they’re just starting out or they’re already successful.  The combination of doing what they love to do and perpetual sunshine makes people their most positive.
3. I love that the LAX airport is 20 minutes from my house and that you can fly to almost anywhere in the world with 1 connection or less.

What’s your favorite outfit this summer?

Short-shorts and oversized T-shirts stolen from my boyfriend’s closet.

How do you pack for all of your travels?

My process for packing and how much stuff I pack to go on a two to three week trip is ridiculous. I started keeping a list on Google Drive of every single thing I pack for one trip, and then I use that list to make a new list for each trip, adding or removing things based on where I’m going. In addition to the usual stuff, I have to pack with me multiple cameras (film and digital), my drone and all of its spare parts, a laptop, a few GoPros, and then all of the cards and chargers. Then I still have to pick out a variety of outfits, because I’m not going to be seen anywhere in the world wearing cargo pants and Keens.

How did you start droning?

Early last year I saw someone flying a drone outside of an event in Downtown L.A. I had never seen one, and I was completely mesmerized by the way that it moved—totally UFO-like. I’m always up for the challenge of figuring out how to use or fix something, so it was probably a week later that I ordered my first Drone from Amazon—a DJI Phantom 1. It was under $400 and I started flying it just for fun without a camera attached. Then, I just gradually worked my way up to flying with a camera. Then I splurged and got the newer model for twice the price. I already loved to travel and take pictures, so it was just natural that I started bringing my drone everywhere too.

What are you excited about right now?

I’m excited about an upcoming weekend trip with my friends to Tijuana to go to my favorite water park…its all of the fun of a water park without all of the annoying rules that exist at water parks in the U.S. (like, “Don’t go down the slide head first on your back wearing a Scream mask”).

What trend are you happy to see on it’s way out?

Skinny jeans

If you had to wear one outfit everyday what would it be?

An oversized t-shirt with no pants. Porky Pig knows what’s up.

Can we publish the most embarrassing picture recently taken of you?

I’m going to say yes while smiling and shaking my head no.


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