Playing Games with Akiko Matsuura


The term “girl crush” is just a little too twee for our liking, but if we were to throw the term around, out first stop would have to be Comenachi vocalist Akiko Matsuura. We caught up with her in the latest issue of SUPER NASTY, where she spilled her guts on all the best and brightest spots in London. Below, we pull some classic rock-and-hard-place moves on Keex, who tolerated us and our questionnaire gracefully. Love this girl!

Ice cream or popsicles?

Popsicles. I like the shapes.

London or Tokyo?

Tokyo. It’s brighter and more colorful. I always find cool clothes and shoes there. Better for eating out, many good restaurants like sushi and ramen noodle bars.

Boots or heels?

I can’t stage-dive with heels on, I’ll break my ankles.

Burgers or donor kebab?

Burgers. I love American diner-style burgers and donor kebab only reminds me of annoying drunk people scarfing down kebab after midnight.

Shorts or pants?

Shorts. Shorter is better.

Soda or beer?

Beer. You can’t beat the first glass of cold beer when you are dying for a drink.

Long hair or short?

Long hair. Messy long black hair rules. I can’t imagine Joey Ramone or Ozzy Osbourne having a short hair.

Breakfast or lunch?

Breakfast. You need a good balanced breakfast to start a good day!

Puppies or kittens?

Ughhh. BOTH!!! Baby animals are all cute.

Space or the ocean?

The earth!!!

Rings or bracelets?

Both!!! Sorry but accessories are as important as dresses and shoes.

Nail art or crazy eyeliner?

Eyeliner. You can’t seduce boys with your nail art but you can with your killer eyes.

Maxi or mini?

Mini – like you can almost see your knickers without bending down. I find it is sexier and more punk than covering yourself up being a lady.

Leather jacket or denim jacket?

Leather jacket & stay punk!

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