Nasty Gals Party Harder: Meet Jessica Anne Woodley

We tapped some of our fave London ladies for lessons on how to kill it this party season.




In honor of our month-long London Pad Pop-Up–and the launch of our latest collection, Nasty Gal Studio–we got the party time 411 from some of London’s best and babeliest. We catch up with Jess Woodley on snacking, Harry Potter and not taking shit from anyone.

Self portrait using only emojis:
A bit about you in one sentence:
Constantly snacking.
Celebrity doppelgänger: 
Blondie – I wish.
Feelings towards glitter:
How’s does it get everywhere ?
If you look through my bag at any given party, you would find: 
Rolos (the chocolate), tinted shaded & red lipstick.
The song I have on repeat is:
Vulfpeck – Back Pocket
Best hangover cure:
Harry Potter
The best nights always end with….
Harry Potter
Favorite vintage piece?
My big aviator jacket from Portobello Road market.
Morning, afternoon or night?
Vintage shopping hack?
Become best friends with the seller.
Finish this sentence: The first time I….
Went out out, me and my best friend ashlyn where 14 and we snuck out to VIP room in St Tropez–hahaha it was amazing.
What’s your poison:
PEACH ICED TEA or rum sours
Pre-party or after party?
Dress, jumpsuit or other?
Favorite party hack:
The ‘Houdini’ where you don’t tell anyone you’re leaving & slip out.
Would you rather give up your phone or caffeine?
Hidden Talent:
Weirdly strong.
Worst holiday party moment:
When mum fell down a hole at a party in Mexico–absolute nightmare.
Best holiday party moment:
When mum fell down the hole in Mexico–too funny.
Best advice I’ve ever gotten:
“Don’t take shit from anyone” – mum
Currently binge watching:
Narcos !
Favorite vice:
Glass of red wine & some cheese.
Best post-party food:
Cocktail sausages, obv.
One thing I would never wear:
Who parties harder: LA or the UK? Be honest! 
UK easily.
Photos by Renee Carey
Styling by Keely Murphy

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