We’re Taking You Behind the Scenes of Girlboss

Girlboss is finally on Netflix, and we’ve taking you straight to Sophia’s apartment (with all that glorious vintage).


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Spent this past week cancelling your plans for a good ‘ol binge of Girlboss on Netflix? SAME. Wanna dig deeper? SAME SAME. We got a chance to tour the set and get right into Sophia’s bedroom, rifle through all that OG Nasty Gal vintage in the costume department and learn all of the inside secrets.

The team started with moodboards–think vintage pictures of Sophia Amrouso herself–as a starting point for both the set and costume design.

In the show–and real life–Sophia would make actual amendments to the clothes she sold on OG Nasty Gal. That meant cutting up pieces to make them better or fixing vintage treasures. Her work station on the show was obviously littered with vintage bits and sewing stuff.

Old, meet new. One of the girls on the BTS tour left her bag on the couch on set and we had to take a pic.

Ok, so Sophia isn’t the cleanest person ever. Plus, we’re seeing the apartment at the height of her eBay success, so plates, cups and boxes share space with tons of stored vintage. Oh, and check the fridge: they actually replaced Sophia’s own photos with ones featuring Britt Robertson’s face. TRADE SECRETS, Y’ALL.

Racks and racks and racks of clothes.

GUYS REMEMBER FAX MACHINES?? I think they’re vintage now, too? Anyway, here are a few more photos that Sophia provided with Britt’s face Photoshopped in. While you never see this on the show, it’s the super small details that give the whole thing a very real feeling.

A little peek inside the costume department and all the unreal vintage loot that was sourced by the costume department for Sophia’s wardrobe and for Nasty Gal Vintage.