My Boyfriend is a Sex-Positive Feminist English Nerd

Check out Boyfriend’s freshly-squeezed EP, NEXT, out today.

Images courtesy of Boyfriend’s Instagram.

By Anna Bulbrook

I first met Boyfriend in LA in January when she played Girlschool. The self-styled “rap cabaret” artist arrived at the venue looking like, well, Boyfriend: head wreathed in giant curlers, sporting lingerie and a robe like a power suit, flanked by two dancers in matching garb. I had seen her curlers bob past me at a crowded party a couple of weeks before. You guys: being Boyfriend is a full-time job. And it should be, because an hour later, she proceeded to tear. Down. The. Fucking. House.

Boyfriend is carving a swath for herself with her sex-positive, smart rap-pop, packed with hooky choruses, candy-coated cultural criticism, and oddly sing-along-able lines like, “We’re all gonna die.” Plus her theatrical live show—which involves props such as a giant shaving razor, a variety of dancers, multiple costume changes, and stripping, the Boyfriend way—is something that you need to experience. Like, yesterday.

Boyfriend’s brand-spanking-new EP NEXT is a shift in direction from her previous work, with more pop sensibility in the production and more outright singing. When asked what was most important to her about this new body of work, she said, “this is me finally bringing to my recorded music what I’ve been developing on stage now for a while. Tough moments, joyful moments, peaks and valleys… Rap cabaret casts a wide net and this EP will start to show folks the variety of my schemes.”

My personal favorite jam from NEXT is “Fun Sh*t,” featuring Cindy Wilson from the B-52s. It’s catchy as hell and the chorus will resonate with any boss working her ass off to make her life exactly as awesome as she wants it to be:

“Ain’t got time for that fun shit.”


* If you’re ever wondering if an outfit is too much, hire two or more people to wear it with you and roll as a posse. It’s effective.

* When you have an important announcement to make, tampons are great medium. Spread your message while spreading legs!

* Curlers are to be worn in public. A trad, tired, and curler-less head is appropriate for the home, the gym, or also never.

* Bodies are cool, and weird, and everyone has one. Love yours! Be proud of it!

* Live your damn truth because sometimes that truth is going to involve being a smart, stripping, pansexual, well-read, white rapper-performer-producer-persona, and the world is going to need that.

You can listen to Boyfriend’s EP Next here or here.

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