Play Back: Girlboss Sidekick Soundtrack

TGIM–we’ve got you covered with another killer soundtrack.

(Photo: Netflix)

By Artemis Thomas-Hansard

Some things in life–chips and salsa, mac and cheese, Canadian tuxedos–really do come better in pairs. This playlist, built around our favorite jams from when Nasty Gal was just a baby in Sophia Amoruso’s brain (aka 2007/2008), is totally the ketchup to Girlboss’ french fries (it’s the ranch too, if you’re into that kind of thing). Remember the days when Alex Turner was a shy guy with a bowl cut? When music was your boyfriend? (CSS does.) We’re going back to when “Paper Planes” encompassed our life motto and mixing it up with some Riot Grrrl burners, the ladies who slayed the rock game (shout out to PJ Harvey) and some powerhouse soul, courtesy of the ultimate Dap Queen, Sharon Jones (RIP). Pro tip: this soundtrack makes a great sidekick for diving into your next Netflix binge of Girlboss AND your next shopping spree, so blast your speakers and go find your inner Nasty Gal.

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