Video Premiere: Misty Boyce (of BØRNS) Shares Brand-New Video for “Oh, Marie”

Her Gorgeous New Song Addresses Matriarchal Angst And Feeling Like Enough.

By Anna Bulbrook

Misty Boyce is one of those musicians that I’d seen around town before I knew her as a solo artist. And by “seen around,” I mean that I saw her on-stage with BØRNS at Coachella 2016, holding down the keys and wailing on the harmonies in a taupe suede skirt. Set yourself a reminder, because she is about to release her next (woman-produced!) full-length album—called “Get Lost”—on February 16th, 2018.

Yes, that is so, so far away! But never fear, because she is releasing her perfectly cloudy-weather single “Oh, Marie” today, jam-packed with matriarchal angst and the desire to connect. And we are premiering the beautiful and affecting video, made by a brilliant group of white-haired young women in Sweden, right here.

Misty on making the video: “I remembered that a really talented young Børns fan named Sandra Trillkott had made a rad video for one of my older songs… So I approached her about it, and she took the idea I had (which was “Girl, Interrupted” meets mental hospital meets women wrestling with each other and themselves on many levels) and ran with it, with the help of her sister and a bunch of talented girl friends where they live in Sweden.”

And if that’s not enough substance for you, check out what the song is about: “’Oh Marie’ is about desperately wanting to connect with my mother (my real mother, the matriarchy, women in general), but not knowing how to. And feeling that maybe she desperately wanted to connect with me, but didn’t know how to, too. Which leaves us both out in the world, raw and exposed, feeling like we’re never enough, for each other, or anyone.”


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