Girlschool 2018: Pinky Pinky is Good. Clean. Fun.

The dreamy all-female trio you wish you were in high school.

Come to a Crop TopHit the Check Blazer, You’re Chevron of a Kind Top

By Chiara Mingione

Photos by Maria Jose Govea

Out of the strong crop of local newcomers comes SoCal high school besties who can seriously shred, Pinky Pinky. The young female-fronted dream trio comes from the burgeoning garage rock scene of Los Angeles—and they’re about to dominate your playlist. Pinky Pinky, named after a (pretty eerie) South African legend, is the brainchild of vocalist and drummer Anastasia Sanchez, bassist Eva Chambers, and guitarist Isabelle Fields. Together, they’ve crafted a defiant soundscape of rock and punk, a moody departure from the usual noise in 2018. Why you should pay attention: these girls are changing up the standards and making serious strides with their new EP Hot Tears, debuting this V-day. Oh, also: you can see them kick ass this Saturday at Girlschool—scoop your tix here.

So where does “Pinky Pinky” come from?

It comes from a South African legend about a monster who hurts little girls on the toilet who wear pink.

Ha! That’s amazing. So how did you all get into music?

We all studied different forms of classical music at one point, and sort of branched off until we found our instrumental niche.

Best high school memory?

Loitering in public parks until 3am

Come to a Crop TopHit the Check Blazer, You’re Chevron of a Kind Top

Three words to describe your style?

Good. Clean. Fun.

Where do you get your music inspiration from?

The people in our lives who showed us the ropes and pushed us forward.

What is your songwriting and recording process like?

It’s a group effort. We all contribute differently and equally—recording is always very fun.

Who are your musical influences?

Probably just the people who exposed us to good music and who taught us how to have fun with what we’re doing.

If you could work with anyone, who would it be and why?

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem—no reason needed.

What’s next for Pinky Pinky?

We’re going to start recording our album soon—stay tuned.

Your new girl crush starts here—check ’em out!

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