Exclusive: NightPulse Feels The Rush

NightPulse, aka drummer-turned-dark-electro-phenom Lena Zawaideh, debuts her new video for The Rush.

Photo by Lindsey Byrnes

Lena Zawaideh has one of those rare gifts that rise through grit, hard work, and insane talent. Zawaideh, a superstar drummer for the likes of Bad Things, turned songwriter, turned self-taught producer, turned singer, is one of those women whose razor focus–she threw herself into learning every single creative aspect behind making music after Bad Things split–culminates in her latest video for The Rush, directed by LA powerhouse Lindsey Byrnes. (Ed note: I dare you to resist moving your entire body to this song. It’s legit danceable.)

“‘The Rush’ is a song I wrote and produced about chasing elusive highs,” Zawaideh says. “I enlisted the help of Lindsey to bring the track to life. In addition to myself, the video features a mannequin which represents an extension of oneself–emotionally empty and detached from reality. It can be a numb, dead part of yourself that strives to feel a ‘rush’ again.”

Byrnes, who proudly brought together a mostly-female crew, explains the process: “When we first started brainstorming concepts for video, I wanted to illustrate a time in someone’s life when they’re chasing a high. Not necessarily a drug high but more of an escape from reality.”
“The use of blacklight was sort of representative of kids in college dorm rooms and hallucinogens,” she says. “Lena facing the mannequin was meant to portray Lena almost talking to herself during the song, or at least a different version. In actuality, she was conflicted with herself and eventually it appears that she has become the mannequin. Was it real or fake?”

Check out the video below, and decide for yourself:

For more on Lena, go here.

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