Nasty Gals Party Harder: Girlschool 2018 Edition

Shirley Manson. Fiona Apple (!!!). Karen O and Kristin Kontrol sharing the stage with adorable kids. Oh, and Carrie Fucking Brownstein. Here’s everything you missed.

Photos by Maria Jose Govea courtesy of Girlschool

Girlschool, the annual festival for female identifying talent that took place this past weekend at LA’s Bootleg Theater, has become a staple of sound and community. Yes, the 3-day fest featured a mix of up-and-coming talent like Jay Som, Lauren Ruth Ward and Pinky Pinky alongside icons like Shirley Manson, Carrie Brownstein, and surprise guests like Fiona Apple, Best Coast and our ultimate hero, Karen O–but it offered up a positive and supportive space for women, too. Honestly, there’s nothing that makes us happier than the women–and the men that showed their support, too–reveling in each other’s badassery. Here’s a brief look at the magic that happened below:

Morgan Parker and Carrie Brownstein
All hail Desi-Mo
One of the kids who performed with Kristin Kontrol
Fiona Apple surprised Shirley Manson on stage, causing literal tears of joy
Bosco, a surprise guest on Sunday (and our host on our IG stories coverage)
Best Coast and the kids
Karen O and Kristin Control perform Date With The Night by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Shirley Manson, being a goddess

Pinky Pinky
Faarrow light up pretty much everything
Lauren Ruth Ward
Low Leaf
Faarrow lighting up everything, pt. 2

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