Play Back: Stupid Cupid

TGIF! Dive into the latest playlist of our monthly series.

January has FINALLY handed over to February and we are totally stoked about it. Granted, February isn’t that much better, but at least it contains a day in which we get to celebrate all things loveeee related. And if ‘you’ isn’t at the top of that list then come party with us girl, because we believe in all things self-love. To quote a personal hero of mine, (which may or may not be RuPaul) ‘If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?’ And how v. true! Love is an inside job, so if you need more time to just focus on you ATM, then do it. Take that bubble bath, have that wine, buy that blouse, and god damn, it go to that fancy restaurant. Oh and while you’re at it, we’ve got the perfect playlist to take you through every spectrum of emotions. With some nostalgic moments from the ultimate girl power posy, The Spice Girls, a lesson in sass talk from new girl making waves on the scene, Mabel, and you’re new fave jam from the soulful angel that is Florence and the Machine— this playlist is definitely one not to be missed.

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