Nicki – Sit Front Row With The First Face We See Every Morning!

Harness Dress, Spike Platform Boot, Earrings from Melrose Trading Post, Revlon Matte Lipstick in Really Red

Meet Nicki, the gorgeous girl that greets everyone who walks through the doors of Nasty Gal HQ. Outside of the office, she can usually be found documenting her goth-meets-’90s rock style on her blog, Tropic Of Unicorn. Influenced most by music and culture, she says, “I would love to look like a girl who could be in a Wong Kar Wai film. In my opinion, the sexiest girl would be all the bitchin’, hilarious aspects of Marla Singer from Fight Club and the sweet, coy, vulnerable aspects of Kim from Edward Scissorhands. I love the dark aesthetic, but I have a really positive outlook on things. My mantra: Everything always happens for the best, though you might not realize it at the time.”

“I really love the contrast of the tough harness over flowy chiffon. It’s basically my style wrapped up into one badass dress. It’s edgy enough for an art opening or dancing the night away at Rhonda.”

Vintage studded hat, old tee, thrifted acid wash cutoffs and belt

“I like finding worn-to-death items because they have such a history to them. I put on my best ’90s threads and secretly live out my rock ‘n roll fantasies on my boyfriend’s drum set when he’s not home.”

Thrifted dress, Kahlo Kimono, Spike Platform Boot, Raise The Bar Shades, Cut It Out Collar Necklace

“I’m always drawn to pieces with a witchy vibe because I’m into magic and weird, New Agey stuff.”

Vintage chiffon top, cutoffs and purse

“When I found this top, I had to have it because it’s so dramatic and outlandish. When I’m not wearing head-to-toe black, I like to go to the other extreme with crisp whites. The painting and sculptures above the fireplace are by my boyfriend, Tim Biskup.”

Vintage dress, Muffin Top Shades, Cut It Out Collar Necklace, Cut Out Bar Cuff, Spike Platform Boot

“I fell in love with the cut of this dress because it’s modest but still really sexy. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen trying to perfect my mom’s authentic Chinese recipes, and this is what I’d throw on before our friends come over for a feast.”

“My boyfriend did this painting of me when we first started dating. As for the owl, I think he imagined it as my spirit animal, though I think of it as him. Our bookshelf is packed with memoirs – my latest favorites are Just Kids by Patti Smith, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, and Wonderland Avenue by Danny Sugerman.”