Todd Diederich


Always living it up to the fullest, photographer Todd Diederich has an eye for poetry and beauty in places you’d never expect it. All of his photos seem to have taken place in the midst of some weird party, even if the participants didn’t know they were attending. Based in Chicago, he feels the city deeply in his core. Most recently his work’s been featured in Oyster; he’s also worked with Grimes, shooting her during some of her travels, and notably (and extensively) documented Chicago’s Ballroom scene. Here, he tells us about his state of mind…

What is beauty?

Adventure or journey?
Adventuring is the only language I know. It’s the zenith of intuition. Hindsight will shape the journey. I obviously have no hindsight… ever. ;p

Dreams or dreamy?
My dreams have changed. Maybe it has for others as the center of our solar system is aligning with the center of the Milky Way. I rarely have people or story lines in my dreams anymore. Now it’s as if my mind’s eye is cloaked in full spectrums of geometric light and electro magnetic waves playing with my bio-circuitry. It has inspired me to see myself as a shape of my own creation.

Friendship or crew?
There are big ships and small ships but the best ships are friendships.

Favorites or all of it?
All of it. Have you ever eaten every flavor of Sour Patch Kids in one bite? It’s alchemy.










(all photographs ©Todd Diederich)


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