Body Talk: Nasty Gal x MTV Staying Alive

The sex talk you need today.

 Sex positivity for the win! We partnered up with MTV Staying Alive, a super cool foundation that raises money to educate and empower young people on HIV prevention. To support their amazing efforts, we made some rad tees–and if you buy one, $7 of sales from each tee is donated to the foundation. So, how can you help? Grab a cute tee, get informed, and keep the good vibes going.

“I support MTV Staying Alive because I think it’s an amazing cause that’s doing as much as they can to raise awareness about HIV and sexual health. I think it super important for young people to be as aware as they can be about their sexual health. It’s important for people to be aware that HIV out there and we need to be super careful.” – Mercedes Benson

“It’s all about empowering women to embrace their sex lives. That’s something I’ve always tried to say to people.” – Becca Dudley

You can learn more about the foundation right here. And of course, shop our line of tees right here!

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