Lessons from the Pros: Holly Falcone Nails It

Hold up. Celebrity manicurist Holly Falcone nails the whole match-your-nails-to-your-bag thing.

The only thing more important than a great carryall is the hand that holds it. And when it’s decked out with a killer mani, even better. We tapped celebrity nail queen Holly Falcone (check out the Memorial Day mani she did for us last year–heart eyes) for three super easy looks to go along with all the all the things you’ll be showing them off with–be they bags or burgers.

Frosty pearl nails
You’re gonna need:
Opaque pink polish
Sheer frosty polish
Pearly white polish
A dressmakers pin with a round ball end
Base coat and topcoat

1. Starting with prepped nails, paint 1 (2 if necessary) coat of an opaque pink (I used this) and let dry.
2. Paint a thin, sheer frost (I used Floss Gloss 1080Pearl, which is my collaboration with Floss Gloss!) over the pink, let dry.
3. Make a small puddle of your white pearl polish and dip the round ball end of your pin straight into your puddle. Use it to carefully apply dots to the nail, repeat your dipping as needed. Give the dots extra time to dry as they will be thick. Apply topcoat!


A Crystal Moment
You’re gonna need:
An opaque color
Flat back gems
Woodstick (a pencil tip works, too)
Tmall ball of ticky tack or wax

1. Paint 2 coats of a color of your choice. Let dry.
2. Using topcoat, paint a coat one nail at a time.
3. Working fast before the top coat dries, pick up each gem using the tack on the tip of the woodstick and apply to each nail. As an alternative, you can apply top coat, let dry, and adhere each gem using nail glue. Let dry and you’re good to go!

Red checker nails
You’re gonna need:
Red, white, and black polish
Striper brush
Basecoat & topcoat

1. Starting with prepped nails, paint 2 coats of a solid color of your choice (I used https://flossgloss.com/products/gangsta-boo ), let dry.
2. Using a striper brush and either black or white, paint a square in the center of the nail. Alternate between colors and add squares all the way across or along the side of the nail. (This can be made easier by painting a thicker stripe of white and then only painting squares in black. Let dry, add top coat, and you’re done!

Check out Holly Falcone here!
Also, you probably need a bag to go with that mani. We gotchu.
Nails: Holly Falcone
Photography: Bridgette Bayley for 1-900
Model: Femi Abon