Vegas Babies: Shelby Sells and Alanna Pearl Got Married

We were there to witness the whole magical thing.


Text by Chiara Mingione, Photography by Derek Perlman.

If you can’t get down with conventional tulle wedding gowns and gaudy diamonds, you’ll fall in love with Alanna Pearl and ShelbySells’s Vegas elopement. The newly weds skipped de rigueur wedding confections and opted for cowboy hats, lace, platforms, and Elvis. And the icing on the cake? Alanna and Shelby are true best friends. The eclectic pair met six years ago in Los Feliz and have been inseparable since–and they always knew they were going to tie the knot. So when fate struck, Alanna and Shelby got hitched–and we got an inside look on the ultimate Vegas road trip wedding.

“Alanna and I met at a mutual friend’s house six years ago in Los Feliz. There was an instant connection. Our first night alone we spilled our guts out to each other over a couple 40 oz beers, leaving no stone unturned. We have been inseparable soulmates ever since.” — Shelby

“Craziest part of the road trip: Getting picked up by a stranger as she exclaimed “I WANT BOTH THE WIVES!” — Alanna

“I never imagined having someone I feel so comfortable with and I want to grow with. She inspires me on the daily and has shaped me into being a loving person, open to accepting new conditions, and always challenging myself.” — Alanna

“There are no ceilings for our love train.” — Shelby

“We were the wildest thing Vegas had ever seen. People were staring and screaming at us–congratulating us or calling us whores. Strangers were asking to witness our ceremony. Elvis was engrossed with us. I stole a veil to wear for the ceremony and danced down the aisle to “Devil In Disguise” (Alanna’s song choice). We held each other after our vows to “Love Me Tender” (my song choice). Having an intimate group of friends witness and support our love. Sloppy making out. Pure happiness and bliss.” — Shelby

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