Nasty Gals Party Harder: Meet Tia Ward

We tapped some of our fave London ladies for lessons on how to kill it this party season.

Nasty Gal Studio Winona Top and Pants Set.

In honor of our month-long London Pad Pop-Up–and the launch of our latest collection, Nasty Gal Studio–we got the party time 411 from some of London’s best and babeliest. We catch up with Tia Ward on pizza, jumpsuits, and some sage life advice.



Self portrait using only emojis:


A bit about you in one sentence:

I’m always battling between going to the gym or eating a whole packet of biscuits.

Celebrity doppelgänger:

People say Nelly Furtado.. 🤷🏽‍♀

Most awkward fashion moment:

So so many. Anything circa 2000-2012 to be really honest 😂

Feelings towards glitter:


If you look through my bag at any given party, you would find:

Gum, lipstick, keys, phone, perfume, wipes. Simple!

Best party outfit?

High waisted trousers, a crop top & heels you can dance in

Best hangover cure:

A lie in & a veggie fry up!

The best nights always end with….

A face wipe, pizza, a comfy bed & your bestie.

Finish this sentence: The first time I….

Got really drunk my best friend made me eat nachos & an hour later had to hold my hair back…….

Pre-Party or After Party?


Dress, jumpsuit or other?

Jumpsuit or jeans and crop top

Favorite party hack:

A glass of water between drinks

Would you rather give up your phone or caffeine?


Hidden Talent:

I don’t think I have one! I put all mine on show lol.

Best advice I’ve ever gotten:

Comparison is the thief of joy. Oh! And a man should always love you more than you love him.

Favorite vice:


Best post-party food:


Go-to beauty look:

Clean, dewy skin, cat eye liner & a nude lip

My last purchase was:

A Sephora beauty haul! So many face masks

Top 3 shopping spots in London?

Selfridges, Notting Hill in general & Harvey Nichols beauty hall

Who parties harder: LA or the UK? Be honest!


Photos by Renee Carey

Styling by Keely Murphy

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