One Thing, Three Ways: Eye of the Tiger Vegan Leather Moto

We tried on a bunch of clothes so you don’t have to. You’re Welcome!

Dionne Dress, Wait One Sec Hoodie, Eye of the Tiger Jacket

Here at NGHQ, we like to make the most of the piles and racks of super cute stuff that constantly surrounds us (FASHION BREAK!). Lately, we’ve found ourselves fighting over one particular moto jacket—oversized, slouchy, structured in just that perfect way–and not merely as a means to keep ourselves warm at our desks (LA “winter” is real, guys).

We asked Chiara—our Jr. Copywriter/resident moto jacket lover—to test out our latest obsession. Bonus: It’s super versatile (read: it can elevate the softest of sweats to make those late-night 7-Eleven runs less embarrassing).

Way One: Incorporate a Sweatshirt, but Make it Fancy

Chiara, being forced to model on a car. Sorry, Chiara!

“I associate hoodies with snooze buttons and running unnecessary errands, but paired with this jacket and a mini dress makes me feel like a more put-together human. “

Way Two: “Office Appropriate”

Runnin’ Wild Top, Eye of the Tiger Jacket

“My jeans and sweater routine is seriously taxing—switching it up with a skirt and (super soft) top is a nice pick-me-up.”

Add shoes that are appropriate to fuck up the fax machine:

Stud Up Heel

(No one uses the fax machine anyway.)

Way Three: Just Keep it Classic

In All Cases Heel, Eye of the Tiger Jacket

“My favorite high-waisted jeans  + this jacket makes me feel like the cool kid in high school movies who sits in the back of the class chewing gum—it’s an amazing feeling.”

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