The Look: Spaghetti Western Babes

Aka women whose wardrobes were far better than the movies they were in.

With spring visibly on the horizon, it’s time to don your cowboy hats, gather your leathers, binge on your fave fringe pieces, and saddle up for western vibes a plenty. Yep, the Wild West is getting a fashion reboot this year, so what better place to take how-to inspo then from the women who wore it best; the kick-ass, v. strong, and v. well-dressed ladies of (often bad but good) spaghetti westerns.

Our fictional frontier female leads were always up against the very wild world of tumultuous and misogynistic times in the USA– but never sitting idly by, even when the world wronged them. These women gave as good as they got and looked hot AF while doing it. For example, Raquel Welsh in Hannie Caulder (1971) gun slings her way to revenge in some (literally) killer suede numbers. (The film was unusually feminist for its time, and heavily inspired Tarantino‘s, Kill Bill.)

And no one ever did the top-to-toe leather androgynous thing better than Elsa Martinelli in The Belle Starr Story (1968). This melodrama is remarkably the only spaghetti western one to be directed by a woman—even better!

Along with being grade A bad-asses, Wild West babes oozed an authoritative presence and a clear sensuality. Joan Crawford in the re-make of Johnny Guitar (1954) plays Vienna, a no-nonsense saloon owner who doesn’t really give a fuck about being disliked by the towns folk, and exudes a clear dominance on screen in a relaxed tucked in shirt, classic skinny jeans, clashing neckerchief, and leather boots—stylish but horse-riding practical.

Channel the vibes and shop the look:

Top row, left to right;  Call the Sheriff Vegan Leather Jacket, Chiquitita Paisley Shirt, This Hole World Button-Up Shirt, bottom row, left to right; Call the Sheriff Vegan Leather Pants, What in Carnation Floral Top, The Highway To Hell Embroidered Boot, Round ‘Em Up Hun Vegan Suede Jacket

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