1 Mom Jean, 3 Ways ft. Stylist Jess Turner

Rigid denim is back in full swing, give the stretch a rest and flex your style instead.

Photos by Andy Baptiste

We hopped on the 101 to visit our friend Jess Turner at her Silver Lake pad. She gave us the inside scoop on how to switch up our mom-jean looks with plenty of tips and tricks to keep things interesting. Besides showing us how to master her effortless, no-fuss style, she shared a bit of her career story as a stylist and her own personal style evolution. See each look below and be sure to take notes for your own future sartorial moments.

So let’s get to it. What’s the deal with your mom-jean obsession?

I wear them with everything. I’m more of a casual person, so a jean is a good statement. I like that it’s a day-to-night look. I’ve been working out a lot recently too, so I like wearing a good fitting jean with crop tops.

Look #1: Love of Lace

“I like this bodysuit a lot but I would always wear it with a jacket. I’m more of layered person. I really like the oversized jacket because it really gives a ’90s the vibe with the jeans.”

Cropped in Your Tracks Jeans,You’ve Got a Way with Me Lace Bodysuit, My Love Shines On Vinyl Boots

How did you get into styling?

I was a visual communications student at FIDM and got an internship for this e-commerce wholesale company. They needed a stylist and I just fell in love. Once I found out that it was a job and you could make it happen, I was all for it.

Look #2: Lady in Red

“I really LOVE this top. It’s a good end of the summer look–and I adore the white boots.”

Tropic Like it’s Hot Top,Cropped in Your Tracks Jeans

Were you always into fashion growing up?

Yes, I always blame my mom because she’s super diva and glam and always took me shopping. She really introduced me to clothing. I always knew I wanted to be in fashion, I just didn’t know what I wanted to do in fashion. I was a really dorky kid. I didn’t really feel good about myself until like college. For awhile, I was just a goofy little kid. But my mom always gave me hand-me-downs. When I started piecing them together differently than her, she would always ask me for advice. I experimented a lot with clothing.

Look #3: Clean Slate

“I love this white top. It’s so vintage-y and Silver-Lake-y. It’s really cute for warmer days, even going into fall.”

We’re Through Square Neck top,Cropped in Your Tracks Jeans

What your favorite part about styling?

I love making my clients happy. Finding someone who is like, “I would have never thought to put this together, but this is totally my style.” is the best part. I’m happy when they’re happy and confident with the results.

Keep up with Jess on Instagram and Youtube + keep an eye out for more style tips from our fave babes.

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