Emma Louise Connolly is Back for More!

Brit model Emma Louise gives us the insider scoop on our winter collab.


Interview by Aimee O’Loughlin

When it comes to nailing seasonal dressing, we all know Emma Louise Connolly is the girl who’s got it down. Effortless, daring, understated, badass; her style is everything at once, and all sorts of crazy inspirational (just look at her gram for reference). After the huuuge success of our first collaboration, our Summer Edit (which—btw—sold out pretty much immediately—just sayin’), we really couldn’t leave it at that. So, you’ll be stoked to know that our second collab (yay) again has the Scottish model/designer bestowing her major (and when we say major, we mean MAJOR) style expertise this time in our Winter collection; an offering of vintage-inspired denim, cozy knits, plush fabrics, layering pieces, dreamy silhouettes, and statement finishes, and let’s just say we’re pretty

excited. Mid-shoot here at NGHQ, we sat down with the 26-year-old to pick her brain about her thought process behind the collaboration, trusting your gut, fashion faux pas, and aggressive shoes.

Obv we’re die-hard fans of yours here at NG, but could you tell us a little about yourself for anyone who’s not yet heard about you?
So, I’ve been a model for 9 years, I studied fashion design at University. I have lived in London for 5 years. I travel quite a lot. I tend to work with a lot of beauty brands, L’Oréal, Estée Lauder—that sort of vibe. I love fashion, Nasty Gal has been one of my favorite brands for a very long time. I have been a follower from the original days and still love it.

It’s really cool that you studied fashion design.
Yeah. It’s nice to have that background, and be able to pull on those strings. But it’s also nice to bring my own fashion influence into it.

Give us a few words that define your style overall:
I want to say lazy but in a good way. I love comfort. It’s quite grungy sometimes. Quite tomboyish. It’s such a hard question because sometimes I want be a certain way, but then sometimes I dress in another sense. Comfort is a big thing for me. I like to have statement pieces. I would say its eclectic…It’s more eclectic than classic. Kind of done-undone.

I like that. So, the last collab we did with you had such an incredible response. Everyone went crazy on Instagram. How do you feel about how it went?
I was so happy. I knew it would do really well because I loved it. I feel like I kinda know some of my followers, and so I knew they would have liked it. But it went a lot quicker than what I was expecting, which was amazing. And it was so much fun. Everyone was such a dream to work with and it honestly was a dream come true. I love all of the pieces, I wore all of them. It was just true to me, and really awesome that everyone received that so well.

How would you describe the new collection?
It’s AMAZING. I absolutely love it. Every single piece I would wear over and over again. I think this one is a bit different because with the last one we had a lot of one pieces, whereas this one there’s layering, there’s more pieces you can wear together as we’ve styled them, or you can team them with different stuff within the collection. There’s a lot of statement jackets, knits, sequins, and then cool things like killer jumpers, fitted jeans, and great basics teamed with some incredible statement pieces.

What are your favorite pieces and how would you personally style them?
My favorite outfit I think is the white jumpsuit, with the white sort of yeti coat. I love wearing white in winter. You can wear it with trainers or with boots or heels. But I also love the (faux) snakeskin jacket with the check trousers for a bit of a clash. It’s something slightly more chic and it looks more premium.

Your personalized slogan tees were super rad in the last collection. Can we expect anymore?
Not now, I think because we did it the last time and it was a really great success, I think I quite wanted to just leave it like that and try something new. I think we knew that that worked for summer. I don’t really tend to wear tees that often, and if I do I wear a jumper over the top so it’s more focused on the knits and the jackets than the lighter pieces I think.

How much do accessories play into your overall outfit? I can tell that jewelry plays a big part—I love all these rings you’re wearing.
Every outfit I team with necklaces, rings. I wear my rings every day. I think my jewelry kind of takes a plain outfit into that next level.

How did you get into modeling? Was your love of fashion a part of it?
Yeah. I kind of accidentally fell into it. My first ever job was for Boohoo.

No way.
Yeah. When I was 17. Maybe 18. 9 years ago. And then I worked in Manchester a lot for e-com brands here. And then I kinda tried to focus it more in London on more campaign stuff through beauty and hair and all that sort of stuff. So it naturally progressed. But it’s so great to start here, we really built a little family within the group here. I just saw Kate who used to style me on my first job. It’s lovely to be back in the circle!

You’re really killing it in the modeling world right now. Is there anything you’re especially proud of achieving so far in your life?
Thank you. I’m really proud of all of my jobs that I’ve done. All of them were pipeline dreams that I wanted to do but didn’t know if I would ever be able to. I was especially proud of obviously launching my first ever edit with Nasty Gal. And also signing with Maybelline as one of their makers this year, and working on their TV commercials, but also as an ambassador for the brand for the year. And then all of my other jobs that I signed an ambassadorship deal with—Puma was another one, because I’m into my fitness and sport, and that was fab to be able to tie the fashion and fitness together. I’m proud of all of them. It’s been an amazing year.

It’s been a very good year. What have you learnt along the way?
I have. I learnt to trust your gut and to just be yourself, because if it feels like it’s not going to work out right now, it won’t. If you’re true to yourself, if you are honest and you have good morals, you’ll be absolutely fine.

Do you have any ambitions for the future that aren’t related to what you’re doing currently?
Well, I’ve just bought a house.

Have you? Congrats! That’s super cool.
Thank you. Yeah, so that right now is taking focus, to build our first home. Which is such an important thing, because we travel quite a lot. So it’s important to have a nice nest and to feel at home. We’re renovating the whole thing, it’s going to be insane. I can’t wait.

And following that–also a huge congrats on your recent engagement!

Your fiancé is also obviously extremely into fashion, as the founder of Serge DeNimes. How much do you guys influence each other’s style?
Well, me not so much on him, because he has great style. Sometimes when I’m struggling with what sort of style I want to go with, he really helps me decide. And I know that if he picks out an outfit for me, I’ll like it more than if I’ve picked it out myself. He’s got an amazing eye and I trust his opinion the most.

Tell us your most awkward fashion moment.
Oh my god. There’s quite a few. I was actually quite recently looking through old pictures on Facebook, and there was this hair piece that I used to wear all the time. It was so cool, it was actually by a friend of mine who had made it, she makes these amazing wigs, she’s very avant-garde. She used to make them for shoots. And it’d look incredible in a shoot, but when you’re wearing them to a club…I looked like a nutbag. It was like this bright blue fishtail…it looked like a blue hair hat. And I thought it was so chic. I used to go to these nightclubs with my massive Balenciaga city bag with this big hair piece and my red disco American Apparel pants, and I’d look like an absolute nutter.

It sounds legendary. What about the weirdest, most random thing we might find in your closet?
Oh god, there’s a lot. I don’t know because I love it all, but sometimes people could look at it and be like, why the hell did you buy that? I love ugly shoes. The uglier the better. I really love an aggressive shoe.

What is something not many people know about you?
Probably the fact I studied fashion design. I feel like not many people know that about me. Or that I’m from Scotland, people can’t really place where I’m from.

What’s your poison?
Vodka martini. Dirty. With an extra olive.

What’s your party trick?
I can do the worm.

Can you actually?!
Yeah. But not in here with this wooden floor!

What are you requesting the DJ to play?
George Michael. I love old school bangers like ‘80s/’90s, Simply Red, George Michael, Sam Cooke…he’s a bit before the ‘80s. Fleetwood Mac. Oldies. I’m not into new music.

And finally, what’s the best hangover cure?
A spicy bloody Mary with cayenne pepper.

Shop the new collab here before it sells out! Keep up with Emma Lou here

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