And the Best Dress Award Goes To…


By admin


…these iconic babes and their equally iconic dresses.

Totally clueless on what you to wear to work/brunch/literally any occasion? Say hello to dresses–the perfect problem-solvers for looking good in seconds flat. Whether this heat wave is making you want to throw away your pants ATM, or you just need some good mini inspo, let’s take a lesson from the pros. From iconic fashion moments to the red carpet, we rounded up our favorite dress moments with some of the most iconic ladies of all time.


We can’t start off any dress-related topic without mentioning the beautiful 19-year-old Kate Moss a.k.a. the queen of slip dresses. As one of the greatest ’90s sartorial decisions of all time, we owe a big thanks to Kate for being our slip dress advocate.


The Union Jack dress literally went down in history and we totally understand why. Rocking her iconic look at the ’97 BRIT awards, Geri just might have been our favorite Spice Girl (but that’s between us).


Need we say more? We will never be tired of hearing about Naomi and her multitude of iconic looks that are still influencing our dress decisions today. In case you were debating on whether to get the sparkly dress…we think this confirms that purchase.


Our love affair with JLO runs deeps. And this Versace dress moment that literally made Google implement an image search option gives a whole new meaning to iconic.


We definitely don’t need to remind you why you’re eyeing itty bitty spaghetti strap minis. If it weren’t for Cher, we’d be at a loss for our summer go-tos.

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