Closet Raid: Keely, aka the Girl Behind The ‘Gram You Can’t Stop Creeping


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Keely Murphy started the buzzy @amazonfashionsecrets. We uncover all them (and vintage Chanel) in her LA apartment.

Keely Murphy has the kind of dream closet that only a stylist would have–packed full of vintage, Chanel, classic Nasty Gal stuff, bins and bins of ribbons and scrunchies and surprising finds from assorted gigs. One of those surprising sources inspired her latest project, the buzzy @amazonfashionsecrets, in which she plays curator of the weird, wonderful, online labyrinth we all know, love, and get frustrated by. We caught up with her to tour her closet, talk genius finds, her favorite vintage treasures, and how it all began.

Tell us about Amazon Fashion Secrets. How did it start?

As a stylist, I’ve always been a huge proponent of Amazon as the #1 place for accessories and beyond! Working there as a curator was something I would joke about with friends and was always trying to figure out how to make happen. I live for sifting through product on online shopping platforms, it’s 100% my best skill. It started with Ebay and Etsy when I was younger, and then Amazon more recently. There is so much funny and actually great product on Prime that can be in your home and on your body in about two days time. My friend Isa DM’d me saying I should make an Instagram account of the product, and all of the sudden the ball was rolling!! The name came to me right away it and it was set up in less than an hour. I started with the things I had already saved for myself in a shopping list, and began collecting from there.

When did you start it, and with what post?

December 2017! The first row is so funny, a 6 pack of Nike tube socks, a Bavarian biergarten blouse, and a exotic dancer schoolgirl skirt. An outfit I actually own.

How do you find the stuff you find?

It’s funny because I actually will create an image in my head of something I want to find, and then look for it. I think, “rhinestone cowboy hat!” “latex trench coat!” “real-tree push up bra!” “furry bucket hat!” and 9/10 time it’s there and in 6 colors. With years of practice and scrolling I have an understanding of what words lead to what product. From those searches I look for the best image that will fit with the account, and utilize *customers also viewed* *related sponsored product* etc. to find others. I love the thrill of looking for these things and am so happy to have a place to share them.

Your Amazon styling go-tos?

I’ve always loved the *sexy stuff* and think there are so many ways to use it for street style. I love seamless club dresses for layering and hosiery is always a good idea! There’s a ton of slutty pirate tops that look really contemporary, and Amazon is definitely a great place for workwear by Carhartt and Dickies. Oh, plus SOCKS, HATS, AND SUNGLASSES!

So many people are obsessed with that Instagram. What are some of the most surprising responses?

I was actually so surprised when people started buying things!! To me it was a funny passion project at first so I was pretty shocked! I get a lot of comments about it being sex worker friendly, which I think is awesome. It’s a lot of accessories and unisex items so I love that it is inclusive to gender and size without really pandering to anyone in particular. It’s really for people like me that have a sense of humor about what they wear.

You’ve been collecting vintage for years. Any treasured pieces?

So many! I really love my vintage designer bags and shoes, because I know they are things I can and will wear when I’m 90! I have unique expensive things I’ve gotten for special occasions over the years, but naturally it’s the 2 dollar trousers and dresses that get worn and loved the most.

The vintage thing you’re hunting for right now is:

80s and 90s spandex and emerald cut birthstone pendants!

You’ve got the most epic box of ribbons we’ve ever seen. Anything else you obsessively collect?

Honestly, everything.

Your closet is incredible. How do you keep it organized?

I don’t!!! I can’t. I reset it weekly and it never stays that way!

You’d describe your style as:

Always changing but always mine!

Your go-to thing to wear everyday:

I make up different characters everyday and go through phases, but I always have on gold jewelry! For a while I’ve been doing blazers, it’s funny how things become a security blanket. Always making sense with what you’re wearing until one day they don’t! Then it’s time to move on to something else.

The thing you’d rather be caught dead in: