LA Made Nasty: After Party Vintage Makes a Comeback

We’re thrifting again. Go behind the scenes of our upcoming After Party Vintage drop as we hunt for inspiration with product developer Juliana McWilliams.




As Nasty Gal legend goes, we were started by a 20-something iconoclast with a thing for hoarding vintage, art directing the shit out of it, then slinging it on eBay. The thrill of that hunt–and the idea that everything good comes back round again–inspired us to bring back After Party, our line of reworked vintage that we can share with more than just one person. Think: denim, leather, thrifted army surplus all remade into special new things. It’s like the buzz of finding that special piece without the annoying part of actually finding it. And, like us, it’s completely made in Los Angeles.

We caught up with Juliana McWilliams, the LA-based Product developer behind the line, at the Melrose Trading Post in LA as she expertly picked through some vintage denim, leather, military goods and patches that inspired the collection–and we uncovered the magic of upcycling.

After Party Vintage drops September 5th. Watch this space!

Photos by Bridgette Bayley