Glitter-Drenched Hair And Makeup


We’re all about glitter this time of year, and just last week we hit you with an entire beauty look drenched in the sparkly stuff. Since New Year’s Eve is tomorrow night (!!!), we thought we’d ask the hair and makeup experts behind this photoshoot (Daniel Moon and Ashleigh Louer) how to recreate this oh-so-shimmery look.


Ashleigh’s Glitter Makeup Tips

“This season, try wearing glitter in unexpected ways. Glitter can be really classy, beautiful and eye-catching to wear out—when worn correctly. Some trends, such as glitter-covered eyebrows or lips, are too bold and high-maintenance for the average New Year’s Eve party. Instead, try adding glitter more subtle ways, such as to the high-points of your cheekbones, the inner corner of the eyes, as eyeliner or layer over your mascara for glittery lashes. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could even dab a tiny bit to the Cupid’s bow of your lips.”

Pick Your Glitter Color Palette

“I think it’s best to use finely-milled iridescent glitter in an array of different colors and textures so you have options. I love glitters from Makeup Forever, Lime Crime and Violet Voss. I like to have a selection of every color and different size glitters/textures to mix! Remember to keep the pigments you’re using within your skin color range to ensure that it looks modern instead of costumey. Glitter doesn’t have the best rep, but when done right, it can be extremely sexy. Pair cool hues (blue, green, violet) with lighter and fairer skin tones. If you want to go more into the metal family, I would use a light silver/gold or even a subtle light pink of iridescent glitter. If your coloring is more warm, consider the shades that tend to be around during autumn or even summer: Red, orange, yellow and even jewel tones (which are usually very on-trend during this season!) and gold/bronze for darker skin tones, especially when highlighting cheekbones.”

Keep It Clean

“Glitter can be a slippery slope, and it’s easily one of the (potentially) messiest attempts you can try in makeup. Be prepared and ready your area by laying down paper towels or tissue in case you spill any! Make sure to have some Q-Tips on standby as well—with eye makeup remover that has an oiler base—so that you can control the application better. The glitter can adhere to the remover, whereas with water or your dry fingers, you’re just spreading it around and creating more of an issue. That being said, try and apply any glitter makeup last—you’ll save your save yourself a lot of cleanup time.”

Find Good Adhesive

“When applying, make sure you have a good adhesive for the glitter to stick to, such as Too Faced Cosmetics Glitter Glue or Violet Voss Secret Weapon. Use a synthetic brush or your finger to tap a thin layer of the adhesive to your skin or on lashes, wherever you want the glitter to stay, and then lightly dab your glitter onto the adhesive before it dries. It will stay put all night! Make sure you use only synthetic brushes, because the adhesive and glitter can be hard to get out of natural bristles, and it can ruin the brush.”

Use A Tissue Under The Eyes

“Hold a folded tissue under your eyes when applying glitter to catch any fallout. If some random glitter bits do get where you don’t want them, use some Scotch tape to tap them off. It really works without disturbing the rest of your makeup.”

5-1 5-2

Daniel’s Glitter Hair Tips

“I created this glitter look with my partner, Melinda Miller-Rider, with the goal of creating something with a punk influence, while still keeping a polished element to the hair. We believe the contrast of raw and polished is the future—according to what is being presented on the runway—and what we think is next.”

Get Some Texture, Apply The Glitter

“The hair was first blow-dried and styled with a curling iron to give the hair body and a bit of texture. Then we applied Major Moonshine glitter gel to strands of hair to highlight the texture pieces where the light is likely to hit.”

Create A Glitter Halo

“For the finishing touch, we sprinkled loose glitter over the head and sealed with hairspray, creating a shimmering halo. Whether it be punk or pretty, glitter can be used to bring anyone’s look to a new level. If you want to keep your hair polished, apply Major Moonshine to your eyebrows for an understated twinkle. If you rock more of a grunge-look, paint heavy panels of the glitter gel into a textured-mane. The possibilities are endless; remember to always create your own universe.”

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