Staff Picks: Sophie Pawlowski, Copywriter

Our current must-haves, according to the boss babes of Nasty Gal HQ.




Sophie Pawlowski is our product naming oracle; you know, the one behind such hits as the Tell Me About it Studded DressA Fray to Remember Denim Heel, and the A Girl Can Wrap Wooden Platform. When she’s not working her genius brain into conjuring all kinds of puns, you can find her making lists of all the cutest bookstores, vintage shops and waffle purveyors in Los Angeles. We followed her along, while she played dress up:

Millie Floral Jumpsuit

Go Get Em Tiger makes a mean turmeric latte. Also, the patio at their new-ish Hollywood spot is literal paradise, and calls for a relaxed, floral print jumpsuit. It’s also next door to the very curated and cute Hotel Covell.”

Lucy Moto Jacket

“A moto jacket is my go-to when I have nothing to wear–it goes with everything, and definitely makes an outfit look a little less girly. I’m also pretty prone to minimalism, but I seek out basics that have interesting details, like this lace-up situation. For heels, they need to be ones I can walk (or sit on news boxes) in.”

Shop Florals

“I love vintage shopping–check out Squaresville in Los Feliz, seriously–mostly because I’m really particular. Also, I’m so down with the hunt for something that’s absolutely perfect and uniquely mine. Plus, I just love old things; it’s fun mixing them up with new stuff. Like a really ornate floral thing with super casual denim.”

Sophie got you excited for spring? Check New Arrivals.