Talking All Things Love + Valentine’s Day with Irene Noren

Get ready to fall hard—she’s all about self-care and following dreams (basically everything that’s close to our hearts <3).


By Aimee OLoughlin


Happy almost Valentine’s day, bbs. While we love celebrating this holiday the traditional way—you know—flowers, chocs, all that good stuff with your beloved other half, we’re also about having some time out to really appreciate just how damn awesome we ourselves are. And what better way to discuss all things self-love related with Spanish model/influencer/designer, Irene Noren? Besides having a mega inspirational sense of style (go follow her gram now), the 26-year-old’s drive, determination, ambition, and self-confidence are all things v. close to our hearts. In light of that, we sat down to chat about choosing happiness and eliminating negative energy, practicing self-care, and the importance of falling in love with yourself.

Besides being a model and an influencer, you also own your own fashion brand, “IN BY Irene Noren”. How did you get to where you are today? 

I got there through my determination, I’ve always followed my dreams and also the people close to me have always believed in me 

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We say V-day is about celebrating who you are and your relationship with yourself, just as much as it is about celebrating with a partner. What are your thoughts on Valentine’s day? 

I love celebrations. And I think that to celebrate love is wonderful! Also you don’t necessarily need to celebrate V-day with a partner, falling in love with yourself goes first!

Why do you think self-care is important, especially right now? 

I think that in an era of superficialities it is easy to find ourselves comparing ourselves to others and feeling that we are not enough, so it is very important to pay attention to our self-care. We have to be very strong mentally, and I always say this to the people around me: the same as going to the gym to train your body, we need to train our mind to be strong too.

How do you practice self-care?

I always remember this quote: ¨Rule your mind or it will rule you¨.

With this I mean that we are owners of our thoughts and we can do with them what we want. I started practicing self-care at a very young age. I had a couple of traumatic situations when I was 12 and 15 so at that time I taught myself to control the negative thoughts and sadness through reading, meditation and sports. Even though I had a lot of bad moments I have always keep going with a positive attitude that made me be very strong mentally.

What makes you feel good about yourself? 

I think the way I take things—I´m very easy-going. I have never judged anybody because I believe that everybody has their own free will and we have to respect that. Thinking that way helped me to meet and enjoy so many wonderful and diverse people. I feel very good with my soul because I have always done everything with my heart.

Women enjoying sex and their sexuality is still seen as a taboo subject today. How do you own and take control of your sexuality? 

I think that we should love and enjoy ourselves more and if this includes enjoying sex and our sexuality it has to be a right and not an option. I personally only enjoy sex when there are true feelings involved so first I need to feel comfortable so I can be myself and enjoy more!

What are you plans for this Valentine’s day?

 I have a nice surprise for my boyfriend so I can’t reveal it yet because otherwise he will know hahaha 

Cheesy rom-com or indie love story?

Even though I am very cheesy I feel that the indie love stories are always more real so I will choose the second one.

Killer lingerie or oversized PJs?

Killer lingerie under the oversized PJs!

Pamper night alone or sleepover with the besties?

Sleepover with the besties are always the best plans! I loooove that.

Fave romantic book and film?

Romeo and Juliet for sure and film, even though I haven’t watched many romantic movies, I really liked Flipped because it talks about how different the same story can be depending on the person who’s living it. I highly recommend this teenage love story