The 5 Iconic Jackets That’ll Actually Make You Excited for Winter


By admin


Because being warm and cute is definitely a thing.

The onset of cold weather doesn’t exactly have the same good feels of sunny 75 degree days, but at some point, we all have to chill out. The good news: these style icons will ease you into the cold weather season and solve your cover-up conundrums. From classic motos to crisp denim jackets, we got you covered down to every layer. The hardest part? Picking just one. Check our list of icons to take your cold-weather style cues from–and minimize the chill factor.

The Classic Moto Jacket


The classic leather moto jacket a.k.a. the holy grail of jackets. Nothing exudes rock ‘n’ roll more than Joan Jett’s sans glamour moto jacket, a staple of the rock star’s uniform. Opt for a tried-and-true moto jacket–pile on the extra layers for those colder days.

The Perfect Denim Jacket


Ah, the ‘80s, when computers were bigger than your kitchen and permed hair was the norm. While some fell victim to mullets and neon aerobic pants, Madonna was rocking double doses of denim in front of her NYC walk-up. The All-American denim jacket is the ideal outerwear choice. Go for a no-frills classic button-up or a distressed oversized jacket.

Your Go-To Blazer

It’s time to re-evaluate your blazer sitch. Take a cue from a professional blazer wearer: the beloved Bianca Jagger. Call upon the timeless blazer, the ultimate elongating, throw-on-and-go jacket that goes with literally everything.

Leopard Print Furry Coats!

Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson–50 years later and you’re still seducing us. If there’s anything The Graduate taught us, it’s how to pull off animal prints in every situation. We say yes to leopard print jackets for that day-to-night appeal.

The Camo Jacket


Attention: the army jacket is in active service. Tracing back to ‘60s youth revolts, the army jacket has seen its share, from soldiers’ backs to runways, to your closet. It’s an essential for your jacket checklist–not to mention it’ll be a mainstay in your wardrobe for years to come.

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